The advantages of laser marking machine

Laser marking machine according to the use of laser to mark very well in the laser marking work on the product workpiece, it is not easy to stick the mark on the surface of the product workpiece like printing ink, so as to ensure the continuity of the actual effect of laser marking, it is not easy to deeply analyze the advantages of laser due to the long-term touch of everyone's fingers

(1) The laser marking is a long-term mark, and it is not easy to modify. The font style is continuous wireframe, and the wireframe is clear. The font style can be based on the specific font style that is not easy to follow in the specified design scheme. For example, the software of laser marking system (identification and anti-counterfeiting identification) is closely combined with telephone video and voice viewing, and its anti-counterfeiting identification is higher.

(2) The long-term laser marking machine has strong traceability, because the traditional marking is very easy to wipe down. At present, with the improvement of parts traceability regulations in the automobile manufacturing industry, that is, the long-term marking must be carried out. The laser marking automobile parts level has a large range of application.
Small laser engraving machine

(3) Less air pollution, printing ink pad printing method selection of printing ink for the body is not completely non-toxic. Black ink and organic solvent are high volatile chemicals, which will cause more harmful organic chemical residues. They not only pollute the environment, but also harm the physical and mental health of workers. They are gradually eliminated internationally. In foreign countries, it is not allowed to use ink-jet printer to carry out labeling on drug packaging, and all of them have been changed to laser ultraviolet laser marking machine.

(4) The operating cost is low. The laser marking system software in the low-voltage electrical field is a zero consumable business. Compared with the consumables cost of the traditional identification system software, it can be said that it saves the company a lot of wages. The laser marking system software in the low-voltage electrical field uses the fiber laser generator.

Cleaning of glasses of laser marking machine and equipment
Acrylic laser engraving machine

a. The water body and temperature of the cooling circulating water immediately endanger the output power of the laser and the service life of the laser generator. It is stipulated that the customers should use the high-purity mineral water without positive ions, and the temperature should be controlled at 24 ℃; The temperature difference between left and right is controlled at 1 ℃. b. Clean up the filter device, water storage tank and its change end pump laser marking machine for cooling circulating water: first turn off the power supply of the whole mechanical switch, open the "sewage outlet" on the side plate of the water storage tank, and clean up the chiller; At the same time, dismantle the filter device to eliminate the dirt on the filter device. After ensuring the cleanliness, connect the connectors and replace the cooling circulating water. And operate for 2-3 minutes (fill the laser generator with cooling circulating water).

c. Cleaning of spectacle lens (it is suggested to clean before daily work, and the machinery and equipment must be in standby condition) cleaning of condenser lens: gently rotate the condenser lens from the spectacle frame, roll the lens cleaning paper into what price, wet it with detergent, and gently wipe the surface of spectacle lens with wet cleaning cloth for several times until the mirror glass is cleaned, and there is no dust and oil on the surface of spectacle lens.