The application of Laser marking machine in the name plate of auto parts

The production of automobile industry includes many links. With the progress of science and technology and industrial manufacturing, various industrial related processes are required to be continuously improved, such as cutting methods and welding methods, and marking methods are no exception. Laser marking machine can be used to mark automobile nameplates. It can mark most metal materials, including copper, titanium, aluminum, iron and other materials. It has a wide range of marking and obvious advantages. It is a good helper for automobile industry manufacturing. The following describes the application of Laser marking machine in the automobile parts nameplate.


Automobile metal plate is used to record the production date, VIN code and other information of automobile engine, just like the ID card of automobile. The clearer the marking text of the Laser marking machine, the more information you can get through the name plate, which is easy to trace in the future. The marking principle of Laser marking machine is to use laser to leave traces on materials. It breaks away from the disadvantages of low efficiency and high loss of traditional cutting tool carving marking, improves the speed and effect of marking, and liberates the hands of technical workers. Wuhan Ruifeng optoelectronic laser is one of the first batch of laser equipment manufacturers, with more than ten years of R & D and production experience, leading the peer enterprises in technology and integration. Since its establishment, the company has always been concerned about the R & D of laser technology and the development needs of customers, and is committed to providing perfect material processing solutions for each enterprise.


Laser marking machine has many advantages in marking the name plate. The car name plate will be clearer, with less error rate, better quality and permanent marking. Because the Laser marking machine is laser marking, it is a non-contact marking operation. The text it marks is clearer and permanent; With the increase of production time, the production efficiency will decrease, but the Laser marking machine belongs to machine operation, which has higher efficiency, more stability and less product error rate.


The above is the application of Laser marking machine in the automobile parts nameplate. The technology of Laser marking machine in the processing of automobile parts is increasingly mature and widely used. The application of laser marking QR code in the quality traceability system of automobile parts and supporting industries has become more and more popular and has become the consistent demand of a wide range of customers in the automobile industry.