The basic knowledge of laser marking machine

What is laser marking? In the simplest case, laser marking machine is a permanent process of marking. It uses the surface layer of spotlight to produce long-term identification. Generally, the laser marking machine is carried out by optical fiber line, single pulse or continuous wave laser marking machine, which includes a variety of applications. The most common types of laser marking machines are fiber optic wire and CO2. Laser marking machine can complete automatic technology and rapid solution, and at the same time, permanent marks are left on various raw materials including steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, porcelain, plastic, laminated glass, wood, printing paper and cardboard. Parts and commodities can be identified with text, including serial number and part number; The device can read data such as barcode, unique ID code and 3D data information drainage matrix code; Or schema.

Principle of laser marking machine

Laser marking machine is developed by laser marking on the surface of raw materials according to the application of focusing light. When light and the surface of the raw material interact, it will change the characteristics and shape of the raw material. This kind of concentrated light only looks at special areas, which enables laser marking machine to establish accurate, high-quality and negative color identification, and basically can load or scanner on all surface. This function makes laser marking machine especially suitable for precision and permanent product workpiece laser marking.
Acrylic laser engraving machine

The term "laser" is in fact the acronym for "the light sent by the source of stimulated radiation becomes larger". The laser is gradually stimulated to release the molecules of light particles. The light can be centralized and correctly directed to the laser marking area. The released kinetic energy is measured accurately by light wavelength or Nanotechnology (nm). The higher the wavelength of light, the stronger the laser.

For example, the green laser with a wavelength of 532nm gives a lower output power to the raw materials of the identification thermistor. On the other hand, the output power of the fiber laser generator is 1070nm, which can give higher output power to identify the hard raw materials, such as metal materials.
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Compared with other non permeable laser marking process (such as printing out or marking), laser marking machine does not use consumables, and maintenance requirements are less. We offer fast and reliable customers the application, including two hours of response speed and free standard test products, to increase all normal operation time and the main production force of system software at a large level.

How to use laser marking machine

There are several kinds of system software for laser marking machine, and the actual operation of each system software is slightly different. The proper whole process of application equipment is also used in the raw materials and application software you apply. When applying all laser marking machines, please follow all safety rules as much as possible.
Laser engraving machine for leather

Laser marking advantages

The company can get many benefits from the whole process of laser marking machine, whether it is the basic part identification and famous brand mark, or the detailed serial number of the shaking parts to give the novelty. The laser marking machine can be used to mark the parts immediately, which can be used for a long time. It can help the company to get higher operating efficiency and production efficiency, and reduce the consumption and shutdown time.