The choice of green and environmental protection for commodity packaging label -- Han's laser flight marking machine

The global environment outlook points out that the current situation of environmental pollution on the earth is severe, and the threat of environmental pollution to human health is becoming increasingly serious. Without corresponding measures, by 2050, environmental pollution will lead to the premature death of millions of people in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. China has been actively responding to environmental pollution for many years and taking responsibility in the process of promoting the construction of a community of shared human destiny. As the main body of green development, Chinese enterprises are the important promoters of green transformation and green innovation. They should take social responsibility and take active actions, which can not only win social praise but also improve their reputation. There are many enterprises can do in environmental protection. It is an important aspect to green the packaging of commodities. It is an important aspect to replace the original marking with Laser marking machine.


Compared with the traditional ink jet coder, Laser marking machine is a green and environmental protection choice. Ink inkjet machine, as a traditional means of commodity identification, needs to use inkjet ink and inkjet solvent in the process of marking commodity packaging. The use of these solvents will cause a certain degree of environmental pollution, and the process of marking will discharge harmful gases to employees. Finally, the Laser marking machine does not need to replace the filter, ink system and other accessories, which is more simple than the traditional ink inkjet machine.


Laser marking machine has the advantage of environmental protection, because it will not emit a large amount of pollution gas during the construction of its working principle. A Laser marking machine can be used for a long time after purchase, and it will not increase the cost and cost in the future. Therefore, for enterprises, the comprehensive cost of Laser marking machine is lower, and the longer service life also promotes sustainable cycle development, which is of great significance to support the long-term normal operation of each department.


Laser marking machine has the advantage of "green and environmental protection" from maintenance to use. There is no consumable consumption during operation, and can be used by power on. The failure rate of the product is lower, and high-quality laser marking can be carried out on a variety of materials. General secretary Xi Jinping said that only those enterprises that are actively responsible for social responsibility are the most competitive and viable enterprises. And the practice of green and low-carbon development can not be separated from the innovation drive of enterprises. The enterprise can reduce the cost of marking well through Laser marking machine, and bring the concept of green environmental protection into the product marking. As a leading enterprise in laser marking industry in China, Da ethnic group has handed over a satisfactory answer. The ethnic group believes that only by constantly improving the quality level of their products can we keep the leading position in the market competition, provide high-quality products and services for customers, and implement the concept of green and environmental protection.