The difference between single head engraving machine and multi process engraving machine

Suzhou feipula CNC Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. researches, develops and manufactures all kinds of woodworking advertising engraving machines | stone and jade engraving machines | mold metal engraving machines | fiber laser series | polylon five axis robot | CNC mortise and tenon machining center | customized home production line | and other CNC engraving machine series, Now let's take a look at the differences between the single head engraving machine and the multi process engraving machine of Suzhou feipula small knitting finishing, hoping to help you.


1、 Processing materials: single head woodworking engraving machine can process multi head can process, both of the processing data change little. So to speak. For example, various kinds of soft metals, such as wood, acrylic, PVC dual color board, density board, artificial marble and aluminum board, are still used in multi head engraving machine.

2、 Machine hardware: there will be corresponding changes on some parts of the hardware (these are a little complicated, customers can consult the service hotline below), because the processing head is different.

3、 Operation difficulty: there is a big difference between the two operating systems. Of course, it's not that the operation of multi head engraving machine is much more difficult, but the biggest difference lies in the software. On the contrary, although the multi head engraving machine has more functions, the difficulty of operation has not increased.


4、 Processing effect: the most common engraving machine can accomplish is the basic function of flat carving and cutting. The biggest difference between single head engraving machine and multi head engraving machine is that they can accomplish different carving effects. But the multi head engraving machine can complete more patterns, such as relief, shadow carving, of course, ordinary engraving function multi head engraving machine can achieve.


5、 Scope of application: for example, the processing range of single head woodworking engraving machine includes all kinds of doors, windows, cabinets and screens, but the processing range of the two has changed a lot. Wave board and other kinds of furniture that need carving or carving and simple mold processing, these multi head woodworking engraving machines can also process, but some complex woodworking artworks and more complex and exquisite engraving machine products in advertising industry are not competent for single head engraving. At this time, multi head engraving machines must be launched.


6、 Applicable to customers: can understand the choice of multi head engraving machine or single head engraving machine, in fact, mainly depends on your increased processing demand, I believe that customers see the above analysis. If you only need simple engraving or cutting for processing data, then the engraving machine at the other end is enough to meet your processing needs. If you need more complex and beautiful engraving patterns, then multi process engraving machine will be your best choice.a