The importance of Laser marking machine in circuit board industry

Circuit board (PCB) industry must be familiar to everyone. As the "mother of electronic products", it is basically the upstream of all consumer goods of electronic devices. PCB is used in many products and objects. It is an important component and circuit connection carrier in 3C industry, including hand-held machine, computer, flat panel, display, etc. it is one of the key components in today's electronic component industry, It is widely used in many fields.


With the continuous improvement of the quality of electronic products, the demand of consumers is higher and higher, which leads to the higher and higher quality of PCB marking in the market. Marking information on PCB, such as production batch, character, barcode and so on, has become the development trend of the industry. Traditional printing technology is not smooth marking effect, signs easy to fall off, can not mark the smaller PCB, chemical raw materials have certain toxicity and other defects are more and more obvious, can not adapt to the new market requirements. The Laser marking machine for the circuit board bar code, two-dimensional code, characters and graphics marking has incomparable advantages compared with the traditional processing methods. It can print thin lines less than 0.1 mm and characters and numbers less than 0.5 mm on the surface of the material, which is especially suitable for the identification of small graphics and text required by the circuit board. It can record the relevant production information of the circuit board, realize the control of product information in the production process, achieve the traceability of the whole life cycle of electronic products, realize the automatic and intelligent management requirements, and meet the requirements of fine production, high-quality production and high-quality production Quality control, process improvement needs.


With the further expansion of China's 3C industry, the popularity of smart phones, flat boards, green base stations and other electronic device terminal devices, and the shift of the focus of the electronic device industry chain from the sales market of western countries to the sales market of Asia once again, will have a strong pulling effect on China's PCB, In this process, laser technology will also accompany the PCB industry all the way forward.


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