The importance of ultraviolet Laser marking machine in industrial manufacturing

In industrial manufacturing, all kinds of products are inseparable from the packaging identification and information identification. What we are most familiar with is some information such as signs, trademarks, company names, icons and logos. Of course, there are also some information such as labels, bar codes, two-dimensional codes, dates, numbers, characters, numbers and English that we see on commodities in our daily life. The existence of this kind of information needs the help of equipment to be able to be designed according to the user's thinking, and the range of industries involved is quite wide. But just because of this, it can make the industry and industry have an inseparable connection, and promote the continuous development of society. As one of the types of laser marking equipment, UV Laser marking machine is also an indispensable marking equipment in the identification industry. It can help users to mark and identify simple or complex information. It is an indispensable part of the identification industry.


Working principle of ultraviolet Laser marking machine


The working principle of UV Laser marking machine is realized by photochemical ablation, that is to say, it depends on the high energy of laser to generate organism or chemical reaction on the surface of the object, and then form a mode of marking. It mainly uses the cold light source, the wavelength is only 355nm, the focus spot diameter is smaller, all kinds of materials have high absorption rate of ultraviolet light, and the thermal influence is also small (negligible), so its marking effect is more exquisite and fine. For any industry identification information solution, it can finish the task delicately, and plays an especially important role in the identification industry.


Can UV Laser marking machine and fiber Laser marking machine be used in common


The wavelength of fiber Laser marking machine is 1064nm. It belongs to infrared light at noon, which is easy to produce high temperature, and some materials will have the feeling of burning. But now the fiber Laser marking machine is the mainstream of the market in metal material marking. The fiber Laser marking machine will not change the metal surface too much. UV Laser marking machine is suitable for processing almost all materials except copper. UV is less used in metal, the price of UV marking machine is expensive, and the power is relatively low (at present, it is mainly 3W and 5W). If the UV marking function reaches 10W-20W, then the material is not a problem.


The structure of the ultraviolet Laser marking machine is the same as that of the fiber Laser marking machine. The optical components of the fiber Laser marking machine and the ultraviolet marking machine are not universal. The wavelength of the ultraviolet laser is 355nm, and the wavelength of the fiber laser is 1064nm. The wavelength of the ultraviolet laser is the wavelength after frequency doubling on the basis of 1064nm. The technical difficulty is higher Compared with fiber Laser marking machine, lens has different coating thickness and material, so it can not be used in general.