The practical operation example course of Jiaoxin laser marking machine

There are a lot of work that can be done by the laser marking machine, including manual engraving of stainless steel characters, artwork, chassis shell, spectacle frame, etc. The output power of laser marking machine can be divided into dimensions. Different output power has different effects on raw materials and thickness. We must be clear about this. The practical operation of laser marking machine is a key learning content. We should not only be able to operate the laser marking machine, but also understand each component of the laser marking machine. Laser marking machines are generally equipped with instructions. Before using laser marking machines, we should consult and read articles to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

Installation process of Weixin laser marking machine:

1. Disassembly and assembly of packing wooden cases

First of all, check whether the laser diode is damaged, and then check whether the whole machine appearance is abraded and whether the spare parts are complete.

2. Select computer installation address

A. The relative humidity of the air is not more than 50%, and the natural ventilation is excellent. Excessive humidity will cause high voltage charge and discharge and damage the equipment.

B. The ambient humidity should be controlled between 6 ℃ and 32 ℃, not exceeding this range.

C. There should be excellent grounding system.

3. Equipment installation and adjustment

Connect the laser diode water circulation system tube with the positive cathode power transmission line, and then put in the laser diode snap ring. Connect the laser generator with the cathode and plug in the charging cable. The output switch of the laser diode faces the first reflecting lens; The area where the laser diode is close to the snap ring must be padded with rubber plate.

Fill the water storage tank with mineral water, plug in the centrifugal pump and air pump, and connect the inlet and outlet with the air inlet. After several minutes of water circulation system, observe whether there are bubbles in the laser diode, and rotate the laser diode to squeeze the bubbles.

A copper transmission line with a diameter of more than 2mm is buried in the ground (with a depth of more than 1m), and the other end is grounded on the laser generator. Note: be strict with the grounding device!

Note: when connecting the industrial chiller and automatic cutting machine, check whether the warning system software and maintenance system software are working normally.

Connecting the air compressor: the user uses the silicone hose to connect the air vent of the drum cooling fan with the air inlet of the equipment, the air compressor will run, and the wind will come out at the entrance and exit of the lens.

When connecting the blower motor with the equipment, it should be connected to the vent of the automatic cutting machine, with a larger distance of two meters. Put the blower motor inside to connect with the cooling fan pipe of another drum, and then put it outside. Turn on the switch power supply to run.

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The adjustment process of laser light path of Zhaoxin laser marking machine is as follows:

1. Laser diode

Installation of laser diode: take down the laser diode from the package box and put it on the laser diode base, 0.5-1cm away from the first lens frame, fix it well, connect the positive and negative, connect the circulating water system, make preparations before starting, and then start

2. Reflector system software

Name: first rearview mirror frame

Note name: the light of laser diode should hit in the middle of glasses

3. Reflector system software (2)

Name: second rearview mirror frame

Adjustment method: take a dimmer and stick it to the double-sided tape on both sides without tearing off one side. Stick it on the second rear-view mirror shelf to block the glasses. Move the car from front to back, left to right. Adjust the three copper screws on the back of the first rear-view mirror shelf to make the laser hit a point on the far end and far side of the cabinet table, and the laser should hit the management center of the second rear-view mirror shelf

4. Reflector system software (3)

Name: third rearview mirror frame

Adjustment method: after adjusting the laser light path of the second rear-view mirror frame, stick the double-sided tape on the third rear-view mirror and block the light inlet switch. Move the car up and down according to the adjustment of the three copper screws on the back of the second rear-view mirror frame to make the laser hit a point on the left and right sides of the cabinet table, and hit in the middle of the light inlet switch, Move the car up, down, left and right to see if the four corner lasers in the cabinet are overlapped at one point, and they should be in the middle of the optical switch

5. Focus system software

Adjustment method: after adjusting the laser light path of the third rearview mirror frame, adjust whether the condenser is located in the management center of the optical switch according to adjusting the copper screw of the third rearview mirror frame.

Common problems in laser light path adjustment of Zhaoxin laser marking machine:
Stainless steel laser engraving machine

The adjustment of the laser light path is the adjustment of the angle of view between the lens and the laser light path emission field (the angle of view between the lens and the lens should be 45 degrees). The adjustment must have certain basic knowledge, such as the basic principle of light refraction. The first regulator must carry out the operation according to the instructions, and consult the professional and technical personnel when necessary. In addition, the laser has a certain burning ability and is an invisible light gun, so the safety must be ensured when changing the light path.

When adjusting the reflector lens, generally the light spot is biased towards which direction, the lens in the opposite direction should be raised or the lens in the same direction should be reduced, so as to adjust the adjustment screw behind the eyeglass frame harmoniously.

The operation steps of the laser marking machine are as follows:
Laser engraving machine for leather

1. Check whether all parts are connected properly.

2. The centrifugal pump switch power supply, pump switch power into the CNC engraving machine. Turn on the switch power supply of CNC engraving machine to check whether the centrifugal pump is out of water. The pump is a sluggish exhaust.

3. Put the raw materials into the surface of the console and set the focal length of the lens.

4. According to the "self check" to adjust the required light intensity and rate. Self inspection: press the precise positioning key until the signal light is on, and then press the run key to conduct self inspection.
Fiber laser engraving machine

5. Move the bare car to the most economical part of raw materials, set the equipment to accept the data information, and wait for the data information output on the computer. Acceptance of data information: press the precise positioning key, and then press the run key, the signal light is on, indicating that the device is in the data information acceptance status.

6. Turn on the centrifugal fan.

7. Do a good job in the computer documents, after the mobile phone software to solve the output, query has been pushed bytes (12-20), the selection point in the work of the management center to the bottom left, press gradually, you can manually engraving output. Generally, the cutting speed of 15-20ma is 2-4 gears. It is 7-10m when leveling and cleaning, and the speed is 6-7. But they all need to be made by hand.