The process of making foam sculpture by scraping a carving machine

In 2017, I bought a four axis foam engraving machine made in Ji'nan, Shandong. A big guy with heavy weight was estimated to have a ton. The use of the process is still very smooth, so as to engage in foam sculpture friends, or are engaged in foam sculpture, but the machine is not easy to use friends to talk about the carving machine production process and matters needing attention.


First, the foam engraving machine can usually produce works of different sizes according to the schedule. For example, I bought 1325 specifications, that is, the largest size can be carved 1.3 meters by 2.5 meters, of course, this is the theoretical journey, which is definitely smaller than this size. Now there should be 2030 specifications in the market, that is, the width of the sculpture can reach 2 meters by 3 meters. The thickness (i.e. height) of the carving is determined by the depth of the carving knife and the height of the mechanical arm. Generally, the deepest carving on my side is 50-60cm, so you can buy products of corresponding specifications according to your own situation. Engraving machines are now commonly divided into three-axis engraving machines and four axis engraving machines. The three-axis engraving machine is shown in the figure below, and the engraving knife moves left and right, front and back, and up and down, so it is called three-axis engraving machine. The four axis engraving machine adds a rotation axis (a axis) on the basis of the three-axis engraving machine, which can rotate 360 degrees to carve, such as figures and animals, It's a surprise. Is there any wood?


Two. Let's talk about the machine. Let's talk about the foam. The foam commonly used for foam sculpture is the best choice for the foam of 18kg per cubic meter. The density is relatively high and the details are relatively good. Of course, the higher the density, the better the carving effect, and the 30kg per cubic meter of foam, but the cost is too high. We don't have to choose the one with the best cost performance when we do business. If you sculpt the shape is relatively simple, not too many complex surfaces, you can choose a relatively low density of foam, but it is best not to lower than 12kg per cubic meter, and the best foam or flame retardant foam, because the safety factor will be much larger, such foam is not flammable, and when the open fire will melt slowly, it will avoid a lot of fire risk. Incidentally, the flame retardant foam usually shows many black or blue particles on the surface of foam. Do not think it is a magazine. In fact, it is a special sign of flame retardant foam. The size of the foam now I usually use 0.6 meters, 1.2 meters, 6 meters of foam, and then cut and use according to needs.


Three, the machine is ready, the foam is also in stock, then it will be opened. From where? From the whole software!! When you see the software, many people have a headache. Don't have a headache. Five words come from the sky. That's not a problem. I'll just talk to you about the process from modeling to carving. Believe it or not, I think I'm an expert. First of all, you have to have a model file, which can be modeled by you or by the father of Party A, but I suggest that if you are engaged in machine foam sculpture, you have to model the software yourself, because not all party a father can give you 3D models. Generally, C4d, 3DMAX, Maya and ZB can be used for modeling, or rhinoceros and other industrial design software can be used for industrial modeling. Anyway, it's more enjoyable to make 3D files of the model you want to make. It's a great sense of achievement to see a 3D model made by our own hands. Let's talk about the specific modeling later. It's a special knowledge. It's not clear in two classes in one class. Oh, by the way, the model you built can also be reduced and printed by 3D printer. This file is universal. You can export the built model to STL or obj format. 4 If the model is built and the size is adjusted, it is necessary to consider how to carve it. If the model is large and beyond the range of the machine's engraving, it is necessary to cut it artificially. When cutting, it is also necessary to pay attention to the parts, so as not to affect the key positions, such as the deer on the top. It can't be cut from the front of the face, and it's difficult to modify after carving, A lot of fragmentary things, such as the antlers of fawn in the picture above, need to be carved separately, and then they can be assembled after carving. This requires some experience. I'm used to using ZB to cut, and it's named by blocks.

5 After the cutting is finished, the cutting path is divided into blocks. Many people are confused. What's the ghost of the cutting path? Tool path is the path of carving tool. You have to let the machine know how to go, right? This is to use a software called PowerMILL, which is specialized in cutting path. We import the model into this software, and then follow the steps to get out the cutting path. This tutorial can be shared with you later if necessary. Only after the cutting path is finished can we be qualified to go to the machine.

Six, according to the size of the foam cut in the software just now, we cut the large foam that we bought into small pieces, numbered numbers, and then engraved on the machine, the machine worked, the people were drinking tea, waiting for the machine to stop, it was OK.


7 After carving, splicing and sanding, here are electric sanding machine and manual sanding machine. You can choose according to the situation, and then it's time to color. I'm a little tired of typing. Let's talk about the color in the next section. Please look forward to it.