The reason and solution of cutter breaking in engraving machine

Carving machine in the process of use, it is inevitable to break the phenomenon, mainly because the carving tool is not enough to withstand the current cutting force. It may also be caused by improper operation of operators.

Stone carving machine

The following is a summary of the various reasons leading to the carving machine knife, I hope to help you carving machine users.

  1. If the hardness of the processed material itself is not uniform and there are many impurities, it will cause the tool to break.
  1. It is the voltage problem of engraving machine. If the power supply voltage is not stable, it will also cause tool breakage.
  1. The hardness, strength, sharpness and the length of the tool bar of the selected tool are related to each other. The appropriate tool should be selected according to the different materials processed.


Wood carving cutter

  1. If the carving material is not fixed well, the tool is not clamped firmly, and the cutter bar is not concentric with the spindle, the tool will shake due to the high-speed rotation of the spindle, resulting in tool breakage.
  1. Engraving machine engraving is the execution of engraving instructions, including position instructions and speed instructions. The correctness of the processing program will also have an impact on the knife.
  1. Do not set the starting speed of engraving machine too high. The higher the starting speed is, the easier it is to cause vibration of the machine and tool breakage.
  1. Engraving machine spindle speed influence, engraving the same product, spindle speed is too low, tool cutting force becomes larger, and spindle torque unchanged will cause broken tool, so the use of spindle speed is still higher.

Spindle speed selection

  1. When the depth of single cutting is set, the cutting amount is too small and the processing time becomes longer; If the cutting amount is too large, the cutting tool will break even if it can't bear it.
  1. Does the machining range and tool of the machine tool conform to the processed material? Engraving machine and the ground is stable may also cause broken tool.
  1. When carving hard materials, such as marble, granite, glass and metal materials, is special lubricant used.
  1. When carving soft metal materials such as copper and aluminum or other materials with low melting point such as plastic, the chip removal of the cutting tool is not smooth, which is also one of the reasons for the tool breaking.


Aluminum carving


The above reasons generally cover the reasons for the cutter breaking of the engraving machine. If the above situation is ruled out, the cutter breaking still occurs. It is recommended to contact the engraving machine manufacturer or dealer for on-site investigation.