The world cup is over, but the souvenir with laser brand can leave eternal memory!

The quadrennial world cup ignited the passion of the whole 2018 summer night. During this period, it witnessed the unexpected result of the group match, the cruelty of the elimination match, and the thrilling penalty shoot out. Finally, France defeated Croatia 4-2 to win the Second World Cup in team history, ending the world cup.


Since the start of "2018 Russia world cup", many products marked with "made in China" have been shining in and out of the world cup arena. Of the 20 sponsors of the world cup, seven are from China. In addition, the World Cup souvenirs made in China are also sold well in more than 100 countries and regions, from the "Hercules Cup" souvenirs, the first customized official smart phone in the history of the world cup, the world cup customized shirt modeling key chain, T-shirt, coat, to mobile phone shell, water hose and so on, which are popular with fans all over the world.


Most of the marks on souvenirs can not be separated from the marking of Laser marking machine. Laser marking machine uses high energy density laser to irradiate the workpiece locally, which makes the surface material vaporize, oxidize, burn and other physical or chemical reactions, thus leaving marks and making various words, symbols and patterns. Compared with the traditional marking machine, laser marking is more anti-counterfeiting, marking faster, marking more clear and beautiful. The processed and marked souvenirs can be more beautiful and exquisite, and can also leave good memories for events or festivals with special commemorative significance.


Although the world cup is over, the souvenirs branded by laser can leave eternal memory for this passionate summer.


The pattern on the thermos cup is carved by laser, which is not faded and more wear-resistant


In addition to souvenirs, we also have many laser marking products around us, such as mobile phones, keyboards, TVs, switches, refrigerators, washing machines, milk bottles and other products. The logo and text on them are masterpieces of Laser marking machines! With the advantages of high efficiency, no material consumption, environmental protection, energy saving and convenient maintenance, Laser marking machine has gradually replaced the traditional marking machine.


Chuangxin laser's acousto-optic Q-switched pulse fiber laser series and MOPA pulse width adjustable pulse fiber laser series can be used as ideal light sources for marking and engraving. They are integrated with marking equipment and used for laser marking and engraving, meeting the requirements of marking most plastics and marking and engraving of all metal materials.