Three elements of engraving machine purchase, beware of low price trap

Buy engraving machine is to buy material configuration optimization design, assembly construction technology and follow-up service! Buy can cash at any time continuous production process training technical services! Package installation package training is just a vague concept. It's just a basic delivery process. It's just the first step to purchase a machine


In recent years, in the face of many disappearing middlemen, the real service is to be able to provide users with faster and more cost-effective production technology support at any time throughout the year! In the face of the uneven market of engraving machine, users can not ignore the three elements of engraving machine purchase: because this kind of equipment currently belongs to the special mode of "non-standard personalized customization", which is who sells who serves, who registers who is responsible for the brand. To use a metaphor: 1, the machine itself is equivalent to the "pots and pans" purchased by ordinary people; The manufacturer of pots and pans and the real cook are two different things! It's normal for the manufacturers who make pots and pans even if they can't cook good dishes. The localized professional brand carving equipment service team of users is your real "special kitchen" for subsequent production and processing, and it's the strong backing to guarantee the achievements of the carving machine you buy. 2. All kinds of carving material templates and production process training provided by service providers are equivalent to "firewood, rice, oil and salt"; 3: The one-to-one technical nanny of the whole service is equivalent to "your special kitchen". So don't be confused by some online low price trap, avoid blindly pursuing low price. Therefore: choose high-quality old brand service providers and brand direct suppliers; And equipment assembly standards and technical configuration optimization design, service items and terms; And businesses are really able to cash services and do not run these three aspects are crucial! As for the price of automatic CNC engraving machine, the specific standard is agreed according to the technical parameter configuration list and user demand; Including all kinds of key materials selection of the equipment; Machine design and construction; Assembly accuracy of the whole machine; Strict degree of construction technology; Test standard grade; And what training services are included; The value and gold content of machinery and equipment are determined by the above key factors, such as whether the service provider can really fulfill the requirements, the continuous production process and technical support, etc. Carving range includes metal, stone, wood, and advertising decoration materials, and other materials can be carved. Engraving machine belongs to non-national standard personalized standard customized equipment, beware of low price trap. To provide users with personalized optimization, various specifications, the configuration of improved machines, to provide users with economic, comprehensive, professional, a variety of solutions to meet the actual needs of different users.


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