Top 10 high speed laser welding machines

Now there are many professional equipment will get the support of science and technology, and after using it, it can also show very good results. For the areas in need, this is a very noteworthy thing. Now many areas will use laser equipment, and now the utilization rate of laser is also very high, such as laser welding machine, It is also used frequently, so what type of device is it? What kind of equipment is laser welding machine? Today, we, Wenzhou Pentium laser company, introduce to you:


Laser welding machine:

  1. Specific role
Acrylic laser engraving machine

The development of the times will indeed lead to the progress of many equipment. This is a very normal thing. There is no need to worry about it. When it comes to laser welding machine, the equipment is very professional, because it has good welding ability, it can achieve welding effect for many materials, and can also be processed. It is one of the equipment with high performance. Generally, the roughness of the cut surface is good RA, and the welding can be carried out without machining. Clean, safe and free from pollution. It is an important aspect of welding automation to make welding technology evolve from "skill" to "science". The first ten years of this century will be a favorable period for the rapid development of welding industry.


Ceramic tile laser engraving machine
  1. Principles of use


Laser wavelength is also related to the processed material. Laser engraving machine plays a decisive role in the process of Laser marking machine. Any equipment can be used smoothly and naturally, because the effect can be brought about after use is very good, and the working efficiency brought out by the process of use is also very good. Besides, it also has working principle. Therefore, it will be paid attention and popularized by the public. If the laser welding machine is used, it is also convenient to use. If the equipment is used, the equipment will be used, Mainly using laser to bring welding effect, and can bring accurate control, the benefits are very good. Fault: in the computer set line, the wave is printed. Description: it can be determined that there is no problem with the galvanometer system. It is not possible to change a new computer d/a conversion card, and the vibration mirror and the optical fixture base are fully insulated. The application scope of UV Laser marking machine is mainly its unique low power laser beam, especially suitable for the high-end market of ultra fine processing. The surface marking of packaging bottles of cosmetics, drugs, food and other macromolecule materials is fine, with fine effect, clear and firm marking, superior to ink inkjet and no pollution; Flexible PCB board marking, marking; The micro hole and blind hole processing of silicon wafer; LCD LCD two-dimensional code marking, glass instrument surface drilling, metal surface coating marking, plastic keys, electronic components, gifts, general equipment, building materials, etc. The above is the data of Pentium laser technology small compilation and finishing, the company mainly specializes in laser cutting machine manufacturers, full protection ultra-high-speed fiber laser cutting machine, medium and high power laser cutting machine manufacturers, Shenzhen Laser marking machine, welcome to call for consultation.


Divergence angle is a semiconductor pump laser, single line is more fine, suitable for precision, ultra-fine processing. The fiber laser marking system is of high reliability and good stability. The fiber Laser marking machine has many unique advantages in laser marking application. Unlike the traditional solid-state laser, crystal rod is used as the laser medium. The fiber laser adopts a long Yb doped double clad fiber as the laser medium and is pumped by high-power multimode laser diode, The system reliability is guaranteed greatly. At the same time, the laser is excited in the fiber guide, so the loss is small, the stability is good, and it is not affected by the external dust and mechanical looseness. The output laser beam is a stable TEM mode; The reliability and stability of the whole machine become the high standard of the same industry.


The above content is the answer that the public is very concerned about. Now there are more and more kinds of equipment available, and there will be many effects. This can be assured that laser welding machines can be widely used. Above is Wenzhou Pentium laser company small compilation for you to answer a few points. Wenzhou laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser cutting machine, metal cutting machine and metal laser cutting machine will find Wenzhou Pentium laser company. We have business in the world_ O~ wait~