Top ten high speed laser welding equipment

Today, many professional equipment will get technical support, and, after use, can also show good results. It's a very meaningful thing for those who need help. Nowadays, laser equipment will be widely used in many fields. Laser welder and other equipment with high utilization rate are also used very frequently. So, what type of equipment is it? What is laser welding equipment? Wenzhou Pentium laser Co., Ltd

Laser welding machine:

Special roles.

Laser engraving machine, acrylic.

The development of this period really promoted the development of many equipment. This kind of thing is very common. don't worry. Because of its good welding performance, it can realize the welding effect of a variety of materials, and can be processed, so it is widely used in laser welding machine. This is a high performance device. In general, the roughness of the cutting surface is RA, which can be processed without welding. Clean, safe and pollution-free. Therefore, from "technology" to "science" is an important aspect of the development of welding automation. Ten years ago, the welding industry was in a favorable period of rapid development.

Ceramic laser engraving machine

Application principle

The wavelength of the laser is also related to the processing material. In the process of laser marking machine, laser engraving machine plays a decisive role. Because the effect after use is very good, and the efficiency in the use process is also very high, so any equipment can be used smoothly and naturally. In addition, it has a working principle. In this way, it will get public attention and promotion. If laser welding machine is used, it is convenient to use. If using this equipment, the equipment will be used, mainly using laser to bring welding effect, and can bring precise control, the benefit is very considerable. Error: in the setup line of the computer, the waveform is printed. Description: make sure the ammeter system is OK. It is impossible to replace the new computer D / a conversion card, vibration lens and optical fixture base. The main application field of UV marking machine is its unique low-energy laser beam, especially suitable for ultra precision machining in high-end market. Cosmetics, drugs, food and other polymer materials packaging bottle surface identification fine, good effect, clear and firm identification, better than inkjet, no pollution; Marking and marking of flexible PCB board; Silica micro hole and blind hole processing; LCD two-dimensional code marking, glass instrument surface drilling, metal surface coating marking, plastic keys, electronic components, gifts, general equipment, building materials, etc. are the materials of Pentium laser technology. Our company is mainly engaged in the manufacture of laser cutting machine, full protection ultra-high speed fiber laser cutting machine, medium and high power laser cutting machine, Shenzhen laser cutting machine manufacturer, Welcome to inquire.

This product is a semiconductor pumped laser with fine single filament, suitable for precision and ultra precision machining. Fiber Bragg grating marking system has stable performance and high reliability. In the application of laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine has many unique advantages. Different from the traditional solid-state laser, the laser medium is a kind of crystal rod. Using long ytterbium doped double clad fiber as the laser medium of fiber laser and using high power multimode laser diode pumping, the reliability of the system is greatly guaranteed. At the same time, the laser is excited in the optical fiber waveguide, the loss is small, the stability is good, there is no dust, no mechanical loosening to the outside. The output laser beam of TEM mode is stable; The reliability and stability of the whole machine has become a high standard in the same industry.
Acrylic laser engraving machine

These are the answers that the public is very concerned about. Nowadays, there are more and more kinds of equipment available, and the effect is more and more obvious. So as to ensure the wide use of laser welding machine. The above are some of the questions answered by Wenzhou Pentium laser company. In Wenzhou area, laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser cutting machine, metal cutting machine, metal laser cutting machine and other enterprises in Wenzhou area can be found. There are still many things to do in the world.