Ultraviolet laser marking machine

Introduction to UV laser products
Ultraviolet laser marking machine, also known as 355nm laser marking machine, because its light wavelength is 355nm. Ultraviolet laser is a new laser marking machine with faster development trend in recent years. It used to be used in special industries. With the continuous development of market demand, the application of ultraviolet laser in laser marking of non-metallic materials is more and more widely recognized. The industrial production and application of ultraviolet laser, especially the application store with low output power, has become more and more common. Most food production companies have already introduced ultraviolet machines and equipment to replace the printing ink marking machine in the early stage, and the ultraviolet machines and equipment are basically popularized in medicine, daily necessities, cosmetics packaging design and other industries.
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UV production and processing products:

Plastic products: food packaging materials, drug packaging design, aluminum film, daily chemical products, plastic bottles, dairy packaging, cable and pipe fittings, etc

High precision products: laser marking of ultra small electronic components, laser marking of PCB board, circuit board logo, etc

Other products: Jiaoxiang, glass wine bottle, glass tea cup, ceramic products, skin care products, car windshield, bare drill, crystal, etc

Difference between ultraviolet laser marking machine and fiber line laser marking machine

Ultraviolet laser marking machine has a wavelength of 355nm, which belongs to the cold light lamp. Because the focus point of ultraviolet laser is very small, and the thermal hazard area of production and processing is small, it can carry out ultra-fine laser marking and material laser marking, which is the preferred product for customers with higher actual effect of laser marking. In addition to copper materials, suitable materials for production and processing are more common. Not only the light cost-effective, focus light spot is smaller, can complete the ultra detailed identification; The application field is more common; The thermal hazard area is very small, so it is not easy to cause thermoelectric effect and raw material burning; Marking speed is faster and efficient; The whole machine has the advantages of stable performance, small size and poor function loss.
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The optical wavelength of fiber line laser marking machine is 1064nm, which can produce and process a variety of metal and non-metal materials. Especially in the identification of raw materials with high toughness, high melting point and ductility, it has more advantages. It belongs to non-contact production and processing, does not damage goods, numerous control blade damage, high cost performance, fine laser, low consumption of raw materials for production and processing, small thermal hazard zone for production and processing, high production and processing efficiency, computer system control, and easy to complete automation technology.