Understanding laser marking machine

Optical fiber line laser cutting equipment uses high-efficiency laser light with relative energy density to produce and process the surface of goods. Under the effect of high-intensity kinetic energy, the marks of goods vaporize rapidly or produce chemical changes, and then leave marks on the surface of goods. The touching surface is not only smooth, but also not easy to harm the materials around the surface. Laser cutting is different from the traditional production and processing methods. Laser cutting must produce and process the surface layer of raw materials, and it can only carry out production and processing if it can digest and absorb the laser of the light wavelength. However, the traditional production and processing has no regulations in these aspects. However, the laser cutting process does not need consumables, nor does it cause the deformation oscillation of goods. In the case of production and processing, it is convenient to select the computer to carry out the actual operation.

Laser marking technology belongs to a non-contact marking method. Compared with the traditional production and processing methods (such as inkjet printer printing, WEDM, mechanical equipment cutting, etc.), it has many incomparable advantages.

In terms of application level, traditional machinery and equipment may occupy most of the sales market. After all, it is well-known. In many commodity logo expressions, lasers are more colorful than traditional machinery and equipment. The single color of lasers limits the development trend of lasers in many fields.

In terms of the difficulty coefficient of actual operation, the actual operation of laser marking fiber line laser marking machine is simple, the actual operation of traditional machinery and equipment is careful, the actual operation of laser focuses on learning CDR and the built-in practical operation mobile phone software of laser marking machine, so in this learning, if you can use computer, it is not a matter. In traditional machines and equipment, you need to choose the printing ink first, and then choose the color you need. According to the composition of one and a variety of colors, you can get the tone you need, and put the printing ink into the steel mesh. In the whole process of application, you need to make every effort to invest money. Every time you print a part of goods, you need to repeat many postures and the range of scraper, Whether the steel mesh is blocked, whether the steel mesh is dirty, how much the printing ink is, and the symmetry of the printing ink on the goods.

In terms of speed, the laser has a great advantage from typesetting design to logo forming, which solves the problem of traditional machinery and equipment from making screen printing, plate making, mesh weaving, plate drying, optical fiber line laser marking machine, inking, tooling and fixture to printing logo. Every process in the middle should not be neglected. The complexity of the whole process is far beyond each other's imagination. The whole process of drawing, typesetting design, precise positioning and logo making by laser only needs to be carried out in two mobile phone softwares. The actual operation is simple and the error rate is low.

In terms of high efficiency, the laser has no consumables and saves printing ink. In the actual operation of the staff, the laser only needs to adjust the drawing file, while the traditional machinery and equipment continuously require the staff to pay attention to whether the net is blocked, whether the printed pattern has a cross section, whether the surface is clean and tidy, and whether the environmental factors are clean and dust-free.

In terms of safety risk, laser belongs to strong light eye and printing ink belongs to vapor evaporation. In the case of logo printing, the laser will certainly cause some smoke and dust, while the printing ink (component) fiber line laser marking machine will produce a smell in the whole process of blending and printing, which is harmful to human body. However, the laser can deal with such problems according to the exhaust fan of weapon equipment, The traditional machinery and equipment is to change all the office environment is not reasonable to improve.
wood laser engraving machine

In terms of product demand, the comprehensiveness of laser at all levels is far higher than that of traditional machinery and equipment. In terms of logo forming, speed, actual operation and manpower, laser is far better than traditional machinery and equipment.

The laser marking machine can mark the surface of all kinds of raw materials with good performance; The anti-counterfeiting effect of laser engraving is very good. The excellent characteristics make the fiber laser cutting equipment become the production and processing artifact of the industrial industry, and replace the original traditional handicraft in many industries, providing more technical and professional laser solutions for many industries. How to choose laser marking machine?

Raw materials for laser marking

Laser marking machine can be divided into fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine and ultraviolet laser marking machine according to different laser generators. The product workpiece material is not the same, laser marking machine selection is not the same, different light wavelength and output power is appropriate, marking the base material is not the same.
laser engraving machine for metal

The optical wavelength of fiber line laser marking machine is 1064nm, which is suitable for most metal composite materials and some non-metal materials, such as cloth, leather products, laminated glass, printing paper, fiber materials, electronic devices, hardware, jewelry, cigarettes, etc. The output power of fiber line laser marking machine is 20W, 30W, 50W, 70W, 100W, 120W, etc. generally, the application of 20W for raw materials can achieve exquisite practical effect. For some materials that must be laser marked deep, we must try to use more than 300000 samples first. For some materials, only 20W output power can achieve satisfactory practical effect, It's not OK to use 30W output power. And there are some materials only with 30W output power can get the actual effect, with 20W can't get the actual effect. If it is necessary to carry out deep carving daily tasks with high efficiency, such as window frame serial number, car engine body serial number, metal plate, carbon steel oil pipe identification, etc. MOPA laser generator can be used.
Metal laser engraving machine

Look at the specifications of the processed products

After knowing the raw materials of laser marking, select the corresponding laser engraving machine type, and then select the appropriate equipment width according to the commodity specifications to be produced and processed. For the selection of the width size of laser marking machine, the larger the width of the equipment, the better. On the one hand, large format machinery and equipment are naturally more expensive, on the other hand, there are some poor quality machinery and equipment. The average laser output of each point on the large format surface is not stable, which leads to different intensity of laser marking products on the same cabinet table. Therefore, it is appropriate to choose the most appropriate width.