Want to play laser engraving? Laser woodpecker engraving machine Pro

Laser pecker laser engraving machine pro, a personal home portable easy to use, fool engraving machine.

Even Xiaobai can handle it!

Put on goggles, start app, import photos, input target length, input security password, preview start, carving start!

Yes, this machine is so easy to use. It's stupid and stupid

It's not a fool, but can be carved on a melon.

Look, is there a trace of charm, injected into the melon, with it, go where, carving where, previously dare not think, dare not touch, we now put under.

Do you want a unique gift for him on Tanabata? You should leave your affection on the boxes. Can't Watson afford amibo?

A bookmark, a gift from her, or a secondary two

Wood, paper, plastic, leather, these materials are easy to carve, and the effect is relatively satisfactory. What about metal? Well, no way. What about the glass? No, there are some things that can't be carved because of the power.


Power 500MW, what concept, for laser engraving machine, 500MW power is relatively low, this kind of equipment can only bully some small role, melting point slightly higher material, will not be able to. Not to mention cutting.

Laser pecker's laser engraving machine is more likely to be interested in engraving, but people who don't know how to start with it look at the DIY gods in the video. Some of them have been modified with CD-ROM drives, and some of them are industrial grade 40W high-power. So the appearance of such a product can be said to be a good way to enter the door, but it is also a detour.

A good product focuses on details. When I use this laser engraving machine, its details are worth sharing. Laser woodpecker, this app is one of the best apps I have ever seen for mobile phone and product linkage.


The speed of Bluetooth connection is almost instantaneous. The image can be edited immediately when it is imported. After the carving task is transmitted, people can leave at any time,

If you break the connection halfway, don't worry. After you come back, you can check the task status by reconnecting. Worried about being touched? No, it will stop working automatically in case of vibration. Then use the app to continue to start the task.

All of these make me feel like a shopkeeper. I just need to think about how to use my ideas in this space. The engraving accuracy is 0.15mm. When it carves out some details that I think will be pasted, hehe, but sometimes it overturns. You can see that it's too hard. So I need to know that there are two parameters to control the force, one is the carving power, and the other is the carving depth. The depth can be understood as speed, slow speed, long laser residence time, and deeper traces. Back and forth, in how to set these two parameters, I have experienced a not short process.

At the beginning, when the carving effect was not obvious, I would set the two parameters to 100%. At that time, the work was very clear, that is, the smell of smoke was very strong, and there were burning marks on the edge, which was not beautiful and healthy. So I started to adjust it down bit by bit, 95%, 90%, 85%, um, 90% is the most appropriate, with enough clarity, less burning marks on the edge and shorter time.


When it comes to time, I would like to insert a sentence for reference. If I usually carve a pattern with a maximum size of 100 mm x 100 mm, the time is about 5 hours. The length mainly depends on the depth of carving and the black area of your pattern. So most of the time, I usually go to have a cup of tea and wait for it to finish.

The meaning of handwork, I think, is a work that can be done by hand and can be realized according to my own ideas. For me who can't draw much, PS is what I'm good at and can work with it. A few days before the 5th anniversary of testv, I thought about the whole interesting gift, and the function of turning photos into black and white pixels in its app reminded me, I can take a picture of each colleague and carve it on the board! But there are so many things to consider when making a picture of head sculpture. Sure enough, it's not easy from the first step to the last step. I thought I could be a shopkeeper! The finished product is amazing and shocking. The feeling of first-hand design and production is great!


Take a good road, then enter the detour!


The first corner, 2999 yuan, Pro version,

It's too crooked. You can really buy a 40W laser engraving machine at this price,

I really envy those gods who can cut acrylic board,

It's not a level at all.

The second curve, unable to carve the surface

Its strength lies in flat carving, not curved surface. If you want to carve curved surface, such as fruit,

The reason of image distortion is that there is no offset of triaxial lens, so the focal length can not be changed freely.

This limits many possibilities in use.

The third bend, carving size limitation

The maximum area is 100 mm x 100 mm, which means that if you want to carve in a larger space,

You have to plan the carving area in advance, and then move the machine carefully until it fits.

Although it's not too much trouble, DIY may be a more cost-effective choice when you have a bigger demand.

Is it worth buying

I once chatted with a fan who played laser engraving and told him that this product is very good and how the software works,

How precise is the carving? Then I asked him what do you think of this product? He said that in this circle, the goods are rubbish.

Different positioning, laserpecker is for carving has some interest and demand, but the threshold is too high, do not know how to start, use it, do hand, do gifts, is a good choice, 2999 yuan price you buy it is simple and convenient app operation, is its safe and reliable production.

However, for many craft enthusiasts, it may really be a bit of a fool.

It's not widely used. Although the software is good, it's more important for them to improve their performance and scalability. In this way, they don't buy much for 2999 yuan.

Laserpecker laser engraving machine, testv gives 6 hand choppers.