What are the characteristics of CNC machining center, drilling and tapping machine, engraving machine and milling machine?

Because the style and function of CNC machining center are various, how to choose the machining center, drilling and tapping machine, CNC engraving and milling machine? ​

What is the difference between CNC machining center, drilling and tapping machine, carving and milling machine? What kind of equipment should I buy? Users of course have to choose the right device, let's talk about the difference between the three devices


  1. Machining center

CNC machining centers in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Guangdong are usually called computer gongs. The spindle speed ranges from 0 to 15000 rpm, which are used to complete a large number of milling work pieces. Parts processing adaptability, good flexibility, can process particularly complex or difficult to control the size of the profile shape parts, such as mold parts, shell parts.

There are hard rail and wire rail in machining center

Hard rail means that the guide and the bed are cast, and then on this basis, the guide is processed, that is, to guide the shape of the bed body casting, and then through quenching, grinding guide, there is not necessarily a bed and guide, such as steel guide, which is connected by nails to deal with the body on the bed.

Linear guide usually refers to the rolling guide, which is a linear module often used in the machine tool industry. We usually call this kind of component "linear guide". The linear guide rail itself is divided into slide rail and slide block. Slider inner ring ball or roller, slider length can be customized. It is a modular component, is a professional manufacturer of standardized series of independent products, can be installed on the machine, after wear can be removed and replaced.

Hard rail has high load and high strength. Suitable for heavy cutting, such as machining large mold and mechanical equipment with large cutting tools. High speed, high precision, suitable for high-speed machine tools, high-speed cutting. For example, small precision mold processing.

Machining center is widely used in the mold industry core processing, machining center is mainly based on heavy cutting, large torque, spindle is BT40, BT50 speed displacement is slow

  1. Drilling and tapping machine

Compared with the machining center and drilling and tapping machine, the moving speed and feed speed are faster than the machining center, the spindle speed is about 24000 rpm, and the CNC system of the machining center with processing and response speed is superior. Therefore, the path milling cutter cutting technology can be used to greatly improve the production efficiency and machining accuracy with high speed and small cycle feed. At the same time, due to the low milling force, the thermal deformation of the workpiece can be reduced, and the milling depth is small, The feed speed is fast, so the surface roughness is small.

The drilling and tapping center mainly focuses on light cutting, integrating drilling, tapping and milling. The torque is smaller than the machining center, but the rotation speed is higher and the displacement speed is faster. The spindle is basically at BT30. The main processing nonferrous metals, such as: aluminum alloy die casting, aluminum, copper electrode, etc.

  1. Engraving and milling machine

Engraving and milling machine, as the name suggests, is engraving, milling machine, engraving machine. On the basis of increasing the spindle, servo motor power, bed bearing, while maintaining the high-speed operation of the spindle, more importantly, the precision is very high. Engraving and milling machine is also developing at a high speed, commonly known as high-speed machine tool. It has strong cutting ability and high machining accuracy. It can also directly process materials with hardness above HRC60 to form molding.

CNC engraving and milling machine is widely used in mold industry, such as copper electrode processing, aluminum products batch processing, wood products model processing, etc.