What are the differences between laser marking machine and laser marking machine

Before, we talked about the difference between laser marking machine and inking machine. Today, we talk about the difference between laser marking machine and laser marking machine, and the difference between them! The key of the laser marking machine is to use large and medium-sized acrylic light-emitting words laser cutting, two-color plate carving, plexiglass plate hand carving, laser cutting, logo hand carving, amethyst, medal hand carving, license hand carving, etc.

Leather products clothing manufacturing industry: cow leather, generated leather, artificial leather, fabric, fur to carry out complex text patterns, hand carving, laser cutting, hollow carving, etc. Laser cutting and hand carving in the fields of processing technology, clothing factory, underwear, home accessories, rubber gloves, leather goods, shoes, hats, small toys and car flowers, surpassing fashion trend and highlighting personalization.

Art field: wood, bamboo, hippo tooth, bone, leather products, natural marble, pearl shell and other raw materials hand carved exquisite pattern design and text. Solid model field: making sand table model, building model, aircraft model, etc.

Packaging field: manual engraving, packaging, printing, rubber pad, plastic plate, two-layer plate, laser knife mold cutting knife plate, etc.

Commodity label industry: equipment label, anti-counterfeiting label, laser marking, etc.

Other industries: natural marble, granite, laminated glass, Amethyst and other building decoration materials hand carved logo. Paper cut painting. Birthday card and other paper products processing technology, laser cutting, etc.

Laser marking machine: it uses laser to mark permanent marks on the surface of various chemical substances. Laser marking machine can be divided into CO2 laser marking machine, semiconductor material laser marking machine, YAG laser marking machine and fiber line laser marking machine according to different laser generators.

The computer automatic control system is the management center for the operation and guidance of all laser marking machines, and it is also the medium for program installation. The laser marking machine should be used in a clean natural environment of 10 ℃ - 35 ℃ as far as possible to keep the electronic and optical components dry and clean.
Glass laser engraving machine

Laser marking machine is mainly used in some places with more detailed regulations and higher precision.

Classification of light source of laser marking machine

At present, the key lamp sources of laser marking machines on the market are CO2 lamp source, optical fiber line lamp source, purple lamp source, green lamp source and diode lamp source. The light wavelength is not the same, manual carving efficiency is also very different

The key materials suitable for hand carving of CO2 laser marking machine include wood, leather products, plastics and other non-metallic materials
Fiber laser engraving machine

Optical fiber line lamp source, the key hand carved materials are metal materials or relatively dense materials with car paint. Generally speaking, wood is not very good for hand carving, unless it is relatively dense and of great strength

Purple light source is a kind of relatively high-grade light source. Manual carving is very meticulous and the scope of manual carving is common

Green light source. You may have seen many three-dimensional images in the middle of acrylic board. Generally, all of them are hand carved with green light source. It can carve transparent laminated glass and other materials by hand

The diode light source, originally used to be the lighting source for stage lighting, has completed a beautiful transformation in the field of laser marking. The basic principle of manual carving is somewhat similar to that of lighting cigarette butts under the sunlight of high-power magnifier.