What are the necessary parts of laser marking machine?

With the increasingly fierce market demand of laser marking machine, in order to better improve the profit, many laser marking manufacturers carry out the matching according to the way of reducing or adding. Allocation reduction is to reduce the cost of equipment control or reduce the price. And some marking machine manufacturers in order to better enhance the profitability, it is their own. Usually, we develop all kinds of new equipment according to the product, so that customers can have a stronger application feeling and improve the price of laser marking machine. However, whether it is to add or reduce the allocation, to a certain extent, it has increased the cost of customers. So today I'd like to talk with you about the necessary equipment of laser marker? According to this equipment, we can choose the laser marker we need to buy, which can reduce the cost.

1、 Laser generator

Laser generator is the key part of laser marking machine and the power device of laser marking machine. According to different models, it generally has many laser generators with different light sources, such as fiber optic cable, ultraviolet, CO2, YAG, semiconductor materials, etc. Equipped with a higher laser generator, it has the advantages of higher laser elevation efficiency, more reliable quality assurance, longer service life and lower maintenance cost.

2、 Laser diode

This is also the heart of the laser marking machine. For example, the price of imported laser diodes is very expensive, usually in tens of thousands of pieces. Therefore, the vast majority of laser marking machine factory choose domestic laser diode. Domestic laser diodes are uneven, and the price difference is very large. The service life of laser diodes with higher cost performance is generally about 8000 hours.

3、 Focus system software

The function of focusing system software is to focus the laser on a point parallel to the plane, which is related to the output power size of the laser marking machine- θ Lens, different f- θ The lens focal length is different, and the actual effect and scope of laser marking are also different.

4、 Computer automatic control system

The computer automatic control system is the management center for the operation and guidance of all laser marking machines, and it is also the medium for program installation. According to the centralized control of light control system software and scanning galvanometer scanner system software, the laser marking of product workpiece is solved.

5、 Scanning galvanometer field scanner system software

Scanning galvanometer scanner system software is composed of electronic optical scanning gun and servo control. Vibrating camera lens: it is composed of motor stator, motor rotor and detection sensor. New technology application, new material, new technology, new process, new principle design scheme and manufacturing are selected for all system software.

6、 Control part of laser marking monitoring software

The mobile phone software of laser marking machine is used to control the main parameters of laser marking, control and adjust the application page, and actually operate all the postures of laser marking. The automatic control system is the core computer operating system of the laser marking machine. Its advantages and disadvantages determine the reliability of the actual operating characteristics of the laser marking machine. It mainly controls the CNC lathe to complete the fitness exercise of X, y and Z axes, and at the same time controls the power of the laser generator.
laser engraving machine for wood

7、 Servo motor

Related to the laser marking precision of laser marking machine, some manufacturers choose imported servo motors, while others are servo motors manufactured by joint ventures. Some small-scale companies generally choose counterfeit motors.

8、 Sheet metal part model

Model structure of all machines and equipment.
Laser engraving machine DIY

9、 Laser generator

The laser generator of laser marking machine is a device which gives driving force to the laser generator. It inputs AC current with working voltage of AC380V. It is installed in the control box of laser engraving machine.
Metal laser engraving machine

We can choose the products that are easy to use and beautiful in price according to the essential equipment of these laser marking devices.

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