What are the two types of laser hallmarking?

At present, the mainstream laser systems for marking machines include optical fiber system (mainly metal and part of hard plastic), carbon dioxide system (wood and plastic), and ultraviolet system (generally used in high-speed electronic products with low temperature).

According to the use of: cabinet marking machine (more used by enterprises), portable marking machine (more used by individuals), hand-held marking machine, flight line marking machine, non-standard sports marking machine, mainly to increase the scope of work and adapt to the on-site environment

Now there are five kinds of laser marking machines on the market, which are fiber laser, CO2 laser, red laser, green laser and purple laser.

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Among them commonly used are: optical fiber, CO2, UV laser marking machine, the following is a brief introduction of these three kinds of marking machine.

Fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser mainly through the principle of laser thermal effect, using the high heat generated by the laser to burn the surface of the workpiece to form the product logo.

CO2 laser marking machine, CO2 laser vaporizes the coating on the surface of the workpiece to form a contrast mark through the thermal effect of the laser, CO2 laser is suitable for all kinds of non-metallic and some metallic materials.

UV laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine is mainly used for the surface and internal carving of glass and crystal products, such as mobile phone screen, LCD screen, optical devices, automobile glass, etc.

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Dehui photoelectric reminds: due to different power, different materials, the laser marking machine will be different, so the price will be even more different.

Generally, it is classified according to wavelength, but also according to working substance.

According to the wavelength, it is divided into infrared band laser marking machine, green band laser marking machine and ultraviolet band laser marking machine.

The infrared bands of conventional industrial laser marking machines on the market are divided into CO2 laser marking machines and fiber laser marking machines, among which, CO2 laser marking machines with wavelengths of 10600nm and 935nm are also included; Optical fiber is divided into MOPA optical fiber marking machine and Q-switched laser marking machine according to the working mode;

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Green light band generally refers to 515nm or 532nm green laser marking machine;

Ultraviolet band generally refers to 355 nm, 235 nm and other bands of ultraviolet laser marking machine.

In a word, there are many kinds of laser marking machines, which need to be matched according to your needs, such as the material, effect and speed requirements of the marking. Discuss reasonable solutions with laser marking machine manufacturers