What brand of small engraving machine is good? Let's see how the old driver chooses the engraving machine

What brand of small engraving machine is good? If I really say a brand, do you think I'm advertising? It doesn't have much to do with blind date. Who is a matchmaker doesn't say the person he introduces is good. Of course, it's the same thing to look at small engraving machines and people. If you just want to play, it's easy to do. Find a few engraving machines, place an order, buy them, try them out, and then return them. But if you consider using it to produce sculpture, there are many problems to consider. Now let's see how the old driver chooses the small engraving machine


First of all, make sure what material you make, stainless steel, leather, glass or ceramics. Confirm what machine to buy after confirming the carving

Second, what kind of patterns, words or marks do you want to carve? Can the machines you want to buy meet your carving requirements

Third, how large is the area of the material you want to carve, and whether the machine you want to buy can reach the carving area of your material. If you choose a large-area engraving machine, you should pay attention to observe whether the laser output of each point is stable.


Fourth, how about the hardware of the laser machine of the small engraving machine? We only talk about the diode small laser engraving machine here. We talk about the fixed focus small engraving machine, which uses the fixed focus laser head. The heat dissipation function is good, which can guarantee the service life of the laser head. The AVR chip used in the chip can improve the speed appropriately, and the minimum character is 2mm. In addition, the focusing gantry small engraving machine uses arm architecture STM32F103 chip. The integrated chip helps to improve the speed, and the full power laser head ensures the engraving quality. So the choice of hardware chip and laser head is the core of small laser engraving machine.


Fifth, the speed of carving. The speed of a small engraving machine is generally not as fast as that of a large engraving machine. After all, the internal hardware structure is different, and the speed is always worse. Of course, it depends on what kind of effect you need. If you only attach a layer of style to the surface, you can speed up the carving speed. Of course, if it is a deeper mark, then the carving speed will be appropriately slowed down. In fact, according to a more realistic view, the number of small engraving is not enough to support large-scale engraving. The small engraving machine here is a small engraving machine with power of 3W, 7W and 10W, not involving a small engraving machine with larger power


Sixth, accuracy. The minimum accuracy of ordinary small engraving machines is about 2mm


Seventh, the mode of operation, now is the era of science and technology, do what need technical support, the use of small engraving machine in the use of its operation mode is software control, software operation adjustment is very simple, nothing more than to adjust the carving speed, power depth, image text size, carving effect. It's just a matter of 10 minutes. It's all small problems. One is assembly and focus adjustment, which may be troublesome and time-consuming, but it won't waste your whole life


Eighth, after-sales, the first is about the quality assurance of the machine after-sales, the second is about the use of skills after-sales, a good business is bound to protect the use of customers in the after-sales work. In addition, small engraving machines are mechanical products after all. A good business will tell you what can be engraved and what can't be engraved before you buy them. If they have never tested samples, the general business will ask you to send samples for testing. The first reason is that in order to ensure the carving effect of customers and buy suitable machines for them, the second reason is that businesses easily sell machines before they are sure, which also has the loss of logistics costs.