What can a 3000 MW laser cut?

Hello, 3000 Watt laser cutting machine: carbon steel can be cut to 20 thick, stainless steel can be cut to 10 thick. Cut carbon steel with oxygen. Stainless steel with air or nitrogen cutting (air cutting section yellowing black, nitrogen cutting section bright), mainly depends on your cutting surface requirements how! There is also efficiency, which can be compared with the laser cutting parameter table in the following figure.

When choosing a fiber laser cutting machine, you need to first look at the selection of the model, configuration, stability of the machine, quality and accuracy of the airport, cutting quality and efficiency of the equipment, and operability of the equipment. After you have a clear understanding, you can look at the prices quoted by various manufacturers. At present, the price of 3000W fiber laser cutting machine is about several million, Specific recommendations directly ask the manufacturer, in addition, can choose double temperature double pump water cooler cw-7300 cooling.

There are many reasons for the insufficient engraving depth of the laser engraving machine. We need to eliminate other reasons before replacing the laser tube. Due to the difference of working principle, so it and mechanical woodworking engraving machine troubleshooting also has great difference.

Laser tube loss is a relatively slow process, it will not happen suddenly. Generally, CO2 glass tube laser is used in laser engraving machine. Under normal working conditions, there are pink and purple light columns in the inner tube; When the laser power is nearly exhausted, the light column is white. With the use of laser engraving machine, if the engraving depth is obviously shallow, even the maximum current can not meet the engraving needs, we should consider replacing the laser.
Computer laser engraving machine

The depth of laser engraving machine can be adjusted according to its own input value;

First of all, remove the focusing mirror and confirm that the focusing mirror is intact and the optical path is accurate;
laser engraving machine for metal

Secondly, check the bucket to confirm that the circulating water flow is normal, the water temperature is close to normal temperature, and the water quality is clean. When the water temperature is too high, the laser power will drop greatly, and even cause the laser tube to burst. If the cooling water feels warm, the cooling water should be replaced, and the cooling water volume should be increased if necessary.
plastic laser engraving machine

Finally, make sure that the power fan is working properly. When the temperature rise of the power supply is too high, the output power of the laser will be reduced, even the light can not be emitted.

Summary overview: laser engraving machine carving depth problem, although not big, but the importance of self-evident, no appropriate depth, carving out the product is not standardized, unqualified! CNC laser engraving machine processing products summary is mainly said that the laser engraving machine in processing products, there are many areas need to pay attention to, need to learn, so that the carving out of the product can be guaranteed! Laser engraving machine as an advanced computer machinery, need to learn and constantly understand! CNC marble laser engraving machine has an absolute advantage in the engraving machine, it has a huge breakthrough in function and appearance compared with the traditional engraving machine, which brings a new development direction for the development of the whole industry, and also makes the development of the whole industry have greater progress.