What can I make with a laser printer?

More and more industries need laser cutting, as long as it is related to sheet metal industry, more or less can be used, including: aerospace, automobile, sheet metal processing, advertising decoration, machinery manufacturing and so on! Need to constantly understand and communicate.
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1. Before use, pay attention to check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the rated voltage of the machine, so as to avoid unnecessary damage.     2. Check whether the exhaust pipe is placed at the air outlet to avoid obstructing the air convection.     3. Check whether there are other foreign matters on the machine table.         use steps of laser cutting machine    1. Fix the cutting material. The material to be cut is fixed on the working table of the laser cutting machine;     2. Adjust the parameters of the equipment according to the material and thickness of the metal plate;
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The selection of laser cutting machine suction cup needs to consider many factors, such as brand, connection mode, material, material. For example, the suction cup is made of NBR. Basic introduction: vacuum sucker is one of the actuators of vacuum equipment. It is made of nitrile rubber and has great breaking force. Therefore, it is widely used in various vacuum holding equipment, such as construction, paper industry, printing, glass and other industries, to realize the task of holding and transporting thin and light articles such as glass and paper.

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The price of vacuum sucker is about one or two thousand yuan each, and the expensive ones are several thousand yuan. Before you choose, it's good to fully understand and compare the vacuum sucker. For details, please consult Shanghai hande automation equipment Co., Ltd.