What do you care about when choosing two-dimensional code application laser marking machine

QR code occurs in every corner of our daily life. In addition to storing a lot of information, it also has the effect of tracing supervision in the processing and manufacturing stage. As a new way of publicity and marketing, it is gradually applied by more and more companies and manufacturers, thanks to the boost of laser marking machine, In the production and processing of two-dimensional code stage, quality and quantity are guaranteed.

In fact, the printing of two-dimensional code is also very easy, with the general laser marking machine can easily carry out mass printing. The advantage of the two-dimensional code laser marking machine is that the laser marking machine belongs to the non-contact production and processing at first. It is not easy for the laser marking machine to touch the surface of the object, so it is not easy to cause harm to the product workpiece;

Secondly, the laser marking machine can print on a variety of raw materials, such as metal materials, plastics, porcelain and so on, which is widely used in various fields;

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Third, the laser marking machine can be integrated with other machines and equipment in the production line to improve the automation level of the production line;

Fourth, the laser marking machine has clear, long-term, beautiful, and reasonable anti-counterfeiting identification. For two-dimensional code, it can be long-term and effective without damage, long service life and zero pollution; Fifth, the laser marking machine is not easy to cause all organic waste gas and sewage in the whole production process of production and processing, and the ultraviolet laser marking machine can prevent environmental pollution;

As for the manufacturer and its purchase, you are ready to purchase laser marking machine in advance, you can find that there are many enterprises in the field of laser cutting equipment at this stage, and many of these enterprises will give different prices. At the moment, the problems you care about will be harmed from all aspects. How to carry out the selection and purchase?

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Type: what you need to consider is the raw material to be identified. There are many kinds of laser marking machines, such as fiber optic cable and ultraviolet. For metal materials and non-metal materials, we should choose the suitable type of laser engraving machine.

Application: according to the needs of the products to be processed, the end pump laser marking machine should be selected. Laser cutting equipment can also be divided into three categories: manual carving, laser cutting and laser marking. Some of them are unique equipment, and some are multi-purpose, which should be selected according to the key regulations.

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Specifications: select the appropriate equipment specifications according to the commodity specifications to be solved. For laser marking machine specification selection, try not to equipment specifications. On the one hand, large format machinery and equipment are naturally more expensive. On the other hand, some poor quality equipment have unstable laser output in different parts of the large format surface, resulting in different deep marking products on the same table. Therefore, it is appropriate to select a suitable specification.