What is laser equipment?

Laser has the characteristics of good monochromatic, directional and high brightness. There are thousands of laser working materials, ranging from soft X-ray to far infrared. The core of laser technology is laser, which can be classified according to different methods such as working material, excitation mode, operation mode and working wavelength. According to different requirements, some special technologies are adopted to improve the beam quality and single technical index of the output laser. The widely used unit technologies include cavity design and mode selection, frequency doubling, tuning, Q-switch, mode locking, frequency stabilization and amplification technology.
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In order to meet the needs of military application, the following five laser technologies have been developed: ① laser ranging technology. It is the first laser technology to be applied in military field. In the late 1960s, laser rangefinder began to equip the army. Now, many types of laser have been developed and produced. Most of them are yttrium aluminum garnet laser, with ranging accuracy of ± About 5 meters. Because it can quickly and accurately measure the target distance, it is widely used in reconnaissance and measurement and weapon fire control system. ② Laser guidance technology. Laser guided weapon has high precision, simple structure and is not easy to be interfered by electromagnetic, which plays an important role in precision guided weapons. In the early 1970s, the laser guided aerial bomb developed by the United States was first used in Vietnam battlefield. Since the 1980s, the production and equipment of laser guided missiles and laser guided shells have increased day by day. ③ Laser communication technology. Laser communication has large capacity, good security and strong anti electromagnetic interference ability. Optical fiber communication has become the focus of communication system. The laser communication system on board and on-board and the laser communication system for submarine are also in the research and development. ④ Strong laser technology. The tactical laser weapon made of high power laser can blind the eyes and make the photodetector ineffective. Using high-energy laser beam may destroy military targets such as aircraft, missiles, satellites, etc. The tactical laser weapons used for blinding and air defense are close to the practical stage. The strategic laser weapon used for anti satellite and anti intercontinental ballistic missile is still in the exploration stage. ⑤ Laser simulation training technology. The laser simulation equipment is used for military training and combat exercises, which does not consume ammunition, and the training is safe and the effect is realistic. A variety of laser simulation training systems have been developed and produced, which are widely used in shooting training and combat exercises of various weapons. In addition, the research of laser fusion has made important progress. Laser isotope separation has entered the trial production stage, and laser fuze and laser gyro have been applied in practice.
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Edit the laser principle of this section:

The full name of laser is light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation (laser). It was introduced in 1960 as a kind of light enhanced by the stimulation of radiation.

Scientists strike some crystal or atom easily excited matter with the energy of light or current in the tube, so that the electrons of their atoms reach the excited high energy state. When these electrons return to a calm low energy state, atoms will emit photons to release excess energy; Then, these emitted photons will strike other atoms, stimulate more atoms to produce photons, trigger a series of "chain reactions", and all move towards the same side to form strong and concentrated light in a certain direction; Therefore, the strong laser can even be used as cutting steel plate!