What is MOPA fiber Laser marking machine!

As you may know, as for MOPA fiber Laser marking machine, many people may listen to it for the first time. What is MOPA fiber Laser marking machine and what are its advantages over traditional fiber Laser marking machine? Today, Wu Gong will give you a detailed introduction.


The core component of fiber Laser marking machine is laser. Traditional laser adopts acousto-optic Q-switch technology, while MOPA laser adopts pulse width adjustable technology.


The main characteristic of MOPA pulse laser is that the pulse width and repetition rate can be adjusted independently. The pulse waveform can be flexibly modulated by electrical signals. The pulse width adjustment range is generally 1-400ns, and the repetition rate adjustment range is 1-2MHz. It can achieve the peak power output of tens of kW. It has obvious application advantages in fine marking, alumina blackening, stainless steel coloring and other fields.


Those who have paid close attention to my article know that I wrote an article about the adjustment of Stainless Steel Blackening parameters before, which uses the traditional optical fiber Laser marking machine, and the blackening speed can only be about 150 mm / s. According to my test, it takes 16 seconds to use the traditional fiber Laser marking machine and 3 seconds to use the MOPA fiber Laser marking machine, which shortens the time by 13 seconds.


Second, color stainless steel


Color development principle of stainless steel laser color marking: under the action of laser heat source, stainless steel material surface generates colored oxide, or a layer of colorless and transparent oxide film, which presents various colors due to the interference effect of light film, which is the basic principle of stainless steel color marking.


It is impossible to make color on stainless steel with traditional optical fiber Laser marking machine. It is necessary to use MOPA optical fiber Laser marking machine. Only by changing the laser pulse frequency and pulse width can the stainless steel be colored. This is an obvious function difference between MOPA laser and traditional laser. Finally, in addition to the faster speed of stainless steel blackening and stainless steel coloring, what other advantages does MOPA Laser marking machine have? I use the following table to summarize the advantages and disadvantages of MOPA lasers, hoping to be helpful to you.