What is the advertising CNC engraving machine limit switch, what is the role?

In the advertising CNC engraving machine equipment, the limit switch is one of the indispensable accessories. Customers should carefully check the performance of a lower limit switch before using the advertising engraving machine equipment, so as to avoid failure and failure. The performance of the limit switch also protects the advertising CNC engraving machine from the damage caused by the failure.


Advertising CNC engraving machine soft limit

Limit switch, also known as travel switch, is installed on a relatively static object or a moving object. When an animal approaches a still life, the connecting rod of the switch drives the contact of the switch, causing the closed contact to open or the open contact to close.

Limit switch is one of the most common accessories in CNC engraving machine. Its shape is not big, but it has a lot to do with it. Many customers do not understand what the limit switch is for, and some even inadvertently touch the limit switch in the use of advertising engraving machine, causing engraving failure and other phenomena. Many customers don't understand what the limit switch is for, and some even inadvertently touch the limit switch in the use of CNC advertising engraving machine, causing engraving failure and other phenomena.

CNC advertising engraving machine hard limit

Advertising CNC engraving machine in the process of long-term use, will occur limit trigger, so what is the reason? How can we solve this problem?

Generally speaking, when this phenomenon occurs, the advertising engraving machine may be beyond the scope of engraving, so we must set all the parameters in the engraving software of the advertising engraving machine.

In addition, when we operate this machine, we need to fix the engraving range, and then add parameters. It is also very important to check the limit switch of the machine. After this operation method, the problem of machine failure can be quickly solved. Advertising CNC engraving machine


Another kind of fault is that if the advertising engraving machine beeps when it starts to reset or the limit switch is always broken, how can we solve it?

  1. If the push rod can't push the limit switch, just adjust it.
  1. If the contact of the drive line is not good, try to fix the drive line firmly.
  1. The limit switch line is not connected well, just connect the line well.
  1. The limit switch is broken, just replace it.

Every advertising engraving machine has its working schedule, which means the working area of the machine. Only in this range of engraving, the machine can operate normally. Once the maximum dimension of the machine stroke is exceeded, the control system will prompt that the stroke limit is triggered. After the limit switch gives an alarm, the machine will stop automatically. When we encounter the limit alarm of engraving machine, we just need to release the alarm. Wuxi Jiaoxin engraving machine manufacturer will teach you how to release the limit of engraving machine

  1. There is a "limit release" function under the "operation" menu. After clicking on it, a dialog box will pop up. Don't close this dialog box. Just press and hold the reverse direction control key of Ctrl + to activate the limit switch, leave the limit switch, and close the dialog box.
  1. If the engraving machine travel is not to the limit, please click the I / O status to see which axis alarm, and then pull out the photoelectric switch. If no alarm is given, the photoelectric switch is faulty or the polarity is reversed.
  1. If the optocoupler of the macro control card is damaged, send the card back to the manufacturer for repair or replace the card.