What is the best software for laser engraving?

The machine has its own professional laser control software, which supports the mainstream format of aidxf PLT
Computer laser engraving machine

Photoshop, AutoCAD and CoreIDRAW are three engraving softwares used in the setup of laser engraving machine.

In the process of using CNC engraving machine, in addition to using the engraving pattern path of engraving software, many users will set their own engraving path to carve, and can process their own unique and exquisite products. But the path program setting of CNC engraving machine is very important, once the error, engraving will not be able to proceed. Generally, due to the factors of processing materials, we only need to adjust the path of the designed engraving machine properly, so we need to use the path editing function: first, set the starting point, and any point in the engraving path of the CNC engraving machine can be defined as the starting point of the engraving path, so as to change the position of the tool drop point during processing, We can adjust the starting position according to the requirements of the processing technology. The second is to set the reverse path, and change the selected engraving path of CNC engraving machine to the opposite direction, so that the processing direction is consistent with the texture of the processing material. Make the processing effect more perfect. Thirdly, the arc fitting is designed. For tool path and machining calculation, the results obtained by using arc curve are better than short broken line. It can greatly reduce the tool path, save processing time, and make the processed curve more smooth.
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Finally, the setting of connecting bars: the setting of connecting bars is to avoid the damage or processing error of the processing parts caused by the movement of the processed object before the end of processing. It requires that the processed object is not completely disconnected, and it is separated manually after the end of processing. We can set the reinforcement of the material at the position where there is no processing requirement.
Laser engraving machine price

Laser engraving machine belongs to the category of cutting machine, in a strict sense should not be called engraving machine!

Programming software usually comes with the system. Need vector graphics from external design software!

PS is not vector drawing software. So it can't be used in engraving machine!

And AutoCAD, CorelDRAW and illustrator graphics can be vector cutting!