What is the difference between flying Laser marking machine and static Laser marking machine?

Online flight Laser marking machine basically covers all the application scope of static marking machine, that is, online inkjet marking is carried out on the surface of various products or outer packages. Online flight laser marking is no longer simply marking the product date and batch number, which is very different from the traditional Laser marking machine which can only mark static objects.


Flying Laser marking machine


In the marking process of on-line flying Laser marking machine, the products flow continuously in the production line, which greatly improves the production efficiency and makes the Laser marking machine adapt to the requirements of industrial production. It has the following advantages:


1) It has unique visual and tactile effects and can never be wiped;

2) It has strong anti-counterfeiting and anti fleeing characteristics;

3) Meet the diverse needs of marking, automatic production, assembly line production, and unconventional interface material requirements.

So what's the difference between flying Laser marking machine and static Laser marking machine?

In short, flying laser marking means to follow the assembly line and cooperate with industrial automation. It is an embodiment of automation to mark the workpiece in a certain period of time.

The static laser marking is a semi-automatic marking mode, manual loading and unloading, the workpiece will be put on the working platform, after the completion of marking, manual blanking.

The on-line flight Laser marking machine has strong functions of text arrangement and graphics processing. The on-line flight Laser marking machine can automatically generate batch number and serial number. The plug-in intelligent control interface can be flexibly connected with various automation equipment and sensors, and the software function can be flexibly modified according to the specific situation.

Online flying Laser marking machine will be more useful in the future. Flying dynamic marking means that there is no worktable, but a more flexible way, which can mark the product surface 360 degrees without limitation, or it can be assembled on the assembly line with the crawler rotation, so as to realize product marking.

The main difference between online marking and static marking in product structure lies in the difference of core devices such as laser, galvanometer and control software. In short, the laser needs to work more efficiently, the speed of the galvanometer needs to be faster, and the control software needs to be more comprehensive. The configuration hardware of flying laser marking must be higher than that of static laser marking. At present, the flight laser is mainly imported.