What is the difference between laser cutting and laser engraving?

Laser cutting is a laser that will be lifted from the laser, through the optical path system, to explore into a high power density laser beam. The laser beam shines on the surface of the workpiece, causing the workpiece to exceed the melting or boiling point, while the high-pressure gas, which is coaxial with the beam, blows the molten or gasified metal away. As the beam moves in relative directions to the workpiece, the material is eventually cut, exceeding the purpose of the cut.

Laser engraving machine for leather

Laser engraving machine can improve the efficiency of engraving, make the surface of the engraved surface smooth and rounded, quickly reduce the temperature of the carved non-metallic material, increase the stress and internal stress of the engraved material;

Ceramic tile laser engraving machine

When the laser cutter is cutting, theZ-axis is not moving, that is, the depth of the cut does not change.
Laser engraving machine in the carving is,Z axis is able to move, as to how much movement, there is a road to determine.
However, there are many laser cutting machines in some cases can be used as engraving machines. There are only restrictions on the conditions of use

Laser engraving machine for leather

Laser cutting machine it is a CNC cutting equipment, it has two functions, one is cutting, the other is engraving, laser cutting is characterized by any cutting of various complex graphics, because it is the use of light energy cutting, so it does not need jigs, as long as the material into the work surface cutting can be, so for the surface of the material will not have any damage, different from other Cutting, such as sawing bed, it can only cut straight lines, can not cut special shapes, arcs and so on;