What is the difference between UV laser marking and inkjet marking? Which is more worth buying

Logo is an important feature of a good product, such as food packaging, logo, production date, place of production, raw materials, bar code and so on. It can make consumers better understand this product, increase consumer confidence when buying, and also improve the brand awareness. So how are these packaging graphics formed? What kind of effect can anti-counterfeiting have? Now let's analyze it together.


At present, ink-jet marking or laser marking are widely used in the text patterns of many packaging or product parts on the market. The former is widely used, while laser marking is gradually popular in recent years with the process of precision. In the face of these two kinds of marking methods, many people have doubts about which product to choose for marking? What is the difference between UV laser marking and inkjet marking? Why is UV laser marking an upgrade of inkjet marking?


In order to answer the above questions, we can take a deep look at the UV laser marking and inkjet marking, and analyze the function, demand, marking effect and price to help you choose a more suitable marking mechanical product.


Ultraviolet Laser marking machine


The wavelength of UV laser is 355nm, the pulse width is narrow, the spot is small, the speed is fast, the peak value is high, and the minimum line width can reach 0.04mm. Through the remote computer control, the object can be processed accurately.


UV laser also uses non-contact processing method. After laser scanning and focusing, the extremely fine laser light speed is like a tool, which can gradually eliminate the material on the surface of the object. Touch the surface of the object by hand, and the surface is smooth and smooth. There is no debris (purified into gas) in the eye. Moreover, the temperature is very low during the marking process. If you touch the marked position, the temperature point will be very low, It's almost negligible. In the absence of understanding, many people are worried that if the laser power is so high, will UV laser plastic marking deform or will graphics and texts turn yellow and black? As shown in the figure below, from the marking template, there is no change in the shape of the original, and the font is very clear.


Advantages: UV laser marking can make the mark indirectly engraved on the surface of the product, which can be either scribed or dot matrix. The visual effect is unique, clear and permanent, can not be erased and changed, and can not be affected by the external objective. The anti-counterfeiting effect is obvious, which has a special significance for anti-counterfeiting.

laser engraving machine for wood

Disadvantages: the UV light is very strong. If you don't wear special glasses for work and work for a long time, it's easy to damage your eyes. Therefore, you must operate according to the operation instructions, and non operators can't use them at will.

Inkjet marking machine

The utility model relates to a high-speed pneumatic inkjet marking device, which is provided with atomization air inlet and ink inlet on both sides of the mixing valve body, and a needle valve switch air inlet on the switch control valve body to mark objects, and the generating speed is also clear on paper objects.

Advantages: compared with laser marking, ink-jet marking personnel operation is not so high requirements, as long as a simple drill a few times can easily start, do not need to go through strict training.

engraving machine

Disadvantages: ink jet marking needs to consume a certain amount of toner in the marking process. If it is produced in large quantities, it will cause high processing cost. Moreover, in certain environment, such as moisture, air acidity, touch, high temperature and so on, the marking is easy to fall off, and it is easy to erase and change when just marking, so the general anti-counterfeiting effect of ink jet marking is not good.