What material can you laser engrave?

Plastics, plexiglass, pressed, leather, paper, metal, quartz, organic matter (e.g. wood, fruit, etc.), ivory ... There's a lot of material for laser engraving, really a lot

Glass laser engraving machine

It's not the same
There is a special light carving machine, can carve gram, plastic, plastic and other materials.
There are metal plate dedicated light carving machine, can be carved on some metal plate material, this is much more expensive.
Then there's wood, glass, and so on.

First, laser engraving technology can achieve carving, cutting, polishing at the same time, and traditional engraving technology, such as mechanical engraving can not be completed at the same time. Second, laser engraving is the use of advanced laser technology for processing, non-contact processing, to avoid scratching workpieces, while traditional mechanical engraving is necessary to contact with the workpiece, the need to fix workpieces, will scratch workpieces, resulting in waste of materials.

What is a laser cutter?

Laser engraving machine for leather

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