What materials Cannot be cut on a laser cutter?

Fiber laser cutters cannot cut density plates, cut highly reflective materials, such as rare metal materials such as copper, or cut stones

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Then fiber laser cutters have those materials can be cut, and what materials can not be cut??

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  1. First of all, we need to be clear that fiber laser cutters belong to the category of metal cutters, so generally can only be used for metal processing, can not be processed non-metallic materials, such as stone, cloth, leather and other materials.
  2. Second, the fiber laser cutting machine can not cut the density plate, the fiber laser cutting machine belongs to the thermal processing, cutting density plate will cause combustion, so that the cutting edge will burn, can not meet the cutting requirements. This type of material is mainly fiberboard, wood fiber, plant fiber raw materials, and some are applied to arrium resin, adhesive made of artificial plates and other materials. These types of materials belong to the category of density plate, it is not possible to use fiber laser cutting machine processing.
  3. There are also highly reflective materials, such as copper and other rare metal materials, this type of material can be cut using fiber laser cutting machine, but because these materials for laser wavelengths are not within the ideal absorption range of these materials, will reflect part of the energy burn protection lenses, which also needs attention.
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