What should I look for when buying a laser cutter?

The most important factor in selecting and purchasing equipment is the stable performance and good quality of the equipment. At present, many laser equipment manufacturers are developing new products while ignoring the improvement of the quality of old products. This requires us to polish our eyes when we buy products, especially the choice of laser processing equipment. First, we need to analyze its structure, understand whether its mechanical performance is reasonable and reliable, whether the software control is convenient for operation, whether the connection between computer and equipment is very convenient, and whether the operation process is clearly displayed, etc. Any equipment in the process of using will appear different degrees of damage, so in terms of maintenance after damage, whether the maintenance is timely and the level of charge has become the second problem to be considered. Therefore, in purchasing, we need to understand the after-sales service problems of enterprises through various channels, such as how the response mechanism is, whether the maintenance charge is reasonable, and so on. In fact, purchase is a very simple process, and selection is the most important, which needs more investigation.

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Brother, general laser cutting machine minimum also to tens of thousands, thousands of really unreliable, bought is a waste ~ can not meet your process requirements, and easy to break, warranty really ignore you.

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If you want to go to the manufacturer, you can talk about the price yourself. If you think the equipment is OK, then you can talk about the psychological price. Usually, you can talk about it.

These are summed up by myself and some friends in the industry. It's better to go to Dongguan to buy this kind of equipment.

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