What type of wood is best for laser engraving?

Nanmu, mahogany, eucalyptus, chicken wings, yellow pears, ebony, iron wood, ebony, acid wood and so on
Wood carving is a carving process that uses wood as a material. Therefore, in the creation of wood , material selection is an important part. In terms of the texture of , wood is best for carving. Such : Ginkgo, mahogany, yellow poplar, camphor, pear, eucalyptus, side cypress, red pine, fennel, yellow sandalwood, fragrant wood, purple birch, walnut wood and other valuable wood. These tree species are very good , texture , dense , smooth cut , good toughness, good , , not easy to , with these wood carved wood carving works of art its fine and smooth , natural beauty. Second, there are northern camphor pine, Daqing , southern chicken hair pine, yellow dragonfly, incense, imported cedar, Liu'an, mountain camphor and so on. These tree species are , wood cell tissue is , texture is more regular. This type of tree species is more suitable for plate carving. The material is moderate in the white birch, flower trees, purple trees, lotus trees, wood trees and so on. Neutral tree species are also ideal wood because the wood texture is soft , in the creation of wood carving , the general use of cork carving technology , the main feature of cork carving is that the tool edge is thin and sharp . Hard-textured tree species are operated using the techniques associated with hard wood carving. Its main feature is a slightly thicker blade , and the use of wooden , scrapers and other tools to repair light.

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1)Sandalwood is , best wood of all for carving due to its wood pattern. It can be traced back to the Sanskrit "Chandana", the French name for "Santal".
The selection of wood you want to carve mainly depends on the needs of , the means of selecting the carving.
Choose wood without wood 疖, choose vertical wood, sand grinding effect is better.
Flat-patterned wood can also be used. Although this pattern of the plate is more prone to the appearance of wood 疖, but can form a rainbow pattern, has an aesthetic effect.

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Wood types: mahogany (most popular wood), light wood, red cedar, mahogany (hard, hard to grind, but good for carving), pine, oak, walnut, maple.
  2)In most cases, when making plates, we need a high-precision template that is wear-resistant and consumable. The deeper the scale of the sand mill, the greater the mold thickness. The specific requirements are as follows:
Rubber templates are more suitable for sand grinding of wood.

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Rubber materials are suitable for wood with rough surfaces. Rubber templates are suitable for large-scale finishing. When purchasing, you can use a 35mil anti-wear material roll.
If the grinding plate requires high precision, you can purchase wear-resistant PVC.

Find a suitable abrasive -- the two most popular sand abrasives are alumina and silica. Both metal materials are suitable for wood. Among them, alumina has canine teeth edge, especially suitable for hard wood such as mahogany carving. Silicon charred is more expensive, but the engraving effect is good.
Thermal printing is a sculpting method that fills wood with color, a dyeing method that does not require you to fill the wood groove with dyes. However, the thermal printing method only applies to a large number of orders, can do items such as pencils, parcels, glasses and desktop office supplies.