What's better about laser marking of metal nameplates than silk screen printing?

Metal plate is a common metal plate in our life and work, which is mainly used to make common logo and information parameters, or to make some private commemorative signs. The manufacture of metal name plate is simple, easy to save, and it can be used in appearance. There are many modifiable parameters, and the finished product is also very beautiful, so it is widely used. What are the materials of metal nameplates? The common ones are: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, alumina, zinc alloy, zinc alloy, etc.


Disadvantages of traditional printing: the traditional silk screen printing and pad printing can survive for a long time, and the way of printing to the surface of the nameplate and then printing to the surface of the product by silica gel transfer printing is being overtaken by laser marking

Glass laser engraving machine

1、 Poor wear resistance

People who have used it have deep feelings. The ink on the metal surface of the wear resistance test paper is usually used for a short time and has the problem of color fading.

2、 Poor adaptability to harsh environment

For example, some nameplates used for equipment need to be marked when they leave the factory. Some of these equipment need to be placed outdoors for operation. The tolerance of nameplates marked by traditional methods is low, so there is a great possibility of wear.

3、 Aesthetic requirements are not high enough

As a private collection and customization of some metal surface marking work, the effect of using traditional methods is not ideal, such as commemorative medals, employee name brands, etc., which need to have aesthetic requirements. At this time, the use of Laser marking machine has more advantages, meeting the aesthetic and practical requirements.

4、 Traditional printing is not environmentally friendly

Laser marking is dust-free and smoke-free, which is a more environmentally friendly processing method. In the process of making nameplates by silk screen printing, some chemical raw materials such as organic solvents and heavy metal elements are needed, which may have a certain impact on the processing personnel and waste disposal, and the ink also volatilizes, which may be a hidden danger to individuals and the environment.

Jade laser engraving machine

Therefore, although the traditional process can also be used for metal plate identification, compared with the Laser marking machine, there are more security and aesthetic protection. The new technology is produced to make up for the old technology. I believe that the Laser marking machine will be known by more people in the future.