What's the most attractive way to set up a stall? Is it feasible for small and medium-sized laser marking machines to print characters and engrave portraits?

"Stall economic development" has become the focus of attention. In view of the outbreak of the economic development of stalling, various folk versions of the manual of making a fortune by stalling have been spread on the Internet, and many people have the idea of setting up a small business by stalling. After all, if they can earn more, and if they do well, they are likely to earn more than your ordinary work. Some people sell kebabs and some sell digital accessories. There is too much competition in the market. However, there is less competition in the market for using small and medium laser marking machines to print characters and engrave portrait pictures for various daily necessities. Car keys, mobile phone covers, thermos cups, wristwatches, diamond rings, necklaces, drink bottles, temporary parking signs, lunch boxes... These common items in daily life can be engraved with names, portraits, logos and mobile phone numbers by small and medium-sized laser marking machines. Like car keys, engraved with contact number, even if they are lost, they are likely to be found. In the period of personalized customization, many people like to add their own impressions on their favorite objects, or buy the items with their own exclusive impressions immediately. According to the convenient small and medium-sized laser marking machine can complete the private customization. Low price, creative, metaphorical, comply with the requirements of the sales market. The characteristics of small and medium laser marking machine are: low price, exquisite volume, portable, no need of all consumables, plug-in laser manual carving and laser cutting immediately, can complete the design of patterns, text, my design drawings and other random manual carving, the actual operation is very simple and convenient, everyone can use, do not need to learn and train complicated hand carving technology, also do not need complicated technical programming, It is a new scientific and technological product in the new era!

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In the situation of urgent lack of regeneration in economic development, the charm of stall economy can reasonably expand domestic demand. After all, stalls have the characteristics of greater economic development. What do they do? What we sell is convenience and high cost performance. Small and medium-sized laser marking machines have the advantages of low cost, capital investment, high efficiency, low power consumption, easy to understand and practical, low failure rate of equipment, and differentiated marketing. In addition to the benefits of hand carving, they also have an additional sales of spare parts, killing two birds with one stone.

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Hand carving is a kind of plastic art with a long history. Since ancient times, ivory carving, jade carving, wood carving, stone carving, clay carving, face carving, bamboo carving, bone carving, inkstone carving and so on have produced a valuable plastic art property in China's arts and crafts. Carving tools are also various, such as carving knives, woodworking chisels, gouges, nails (cones), flat axes and hammers. It can be said that this is an industry that has nothing to do with lasers.