Where to go before laser marking machine sales market?

In the past decade, China's laser industry has been developing rapidly, and the market competition in this field has become increasingly fierce. In the laser marking industry, which has the largest quality index of industrial development planning, the market demand has become increasingly fierce. In the field of laser marking, there are various scenes, such as the price rush, the sales performance plummeting, escaping from the Chinese sales market, the transformation and development of other business processes, and the rise and fall of the company. In the first half of 2019, the sales performance of popular laser marking machine companies has plummeted one after another, but the overall sales market still maintains a sustained growth. While the company is in doubt about the sales market in the first half of 2019, it is also studying the future of the sales market of optical fiber line laser marking machine in the case of multiple factors overlapping in the external environment of the field?

Fiber laser generator is widely used in laser marking industry

China's laser marking industry has developed for more than 50 years. It is the main use of laser cutting equipment with the largest share at the beginning of China's development trend. Laser marking machine has been widely used in optical fiber communication, laser indoor space remote communication, industrial production and processing, national defense security, diagnosis and treatment equipment, large and medium-sized infrastructure and other industries.

As the key component of laser marking machine, low output power laser generator has four types: CO2 laser generator, semiconductor material laser generator, fiber laser and fiber laser generator. Fiber laser generator has the characteristics of high conversion efficiency, small size, excellent light quality, high stability, good reliability, long working life, easy to complete and high success rate. With the advantages of extremely low power consumption, long service life, no consumable application, simple operation and permanent effect of laser marking, fiber-optic wire laser marking machine has become a new product to replace the traditional marking processing technology such as pneumatic laser marking, ink-jet printer printing, chemical corrosion, WEDM, mechanical equipment stamping die. Fiber line laser marking machine is the most perfect development trend of laser cutting equipment industry, with the least threshold in the field and the most common application of terminal equipment. In the past five years, except for 2015, the growth rate of sales volume of fiber line laser marking machine has maintained above 50%. In 2018, the sales volume has already reached 140000 units, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 40%.

The key driving forces behind the rapid improvement of the sales market of fiber line laser marking machine are as follows: (1) in the rapid development trend of industrial control automation in China, the requirements for industrial production and processing quality continue to improve, and the requirements for laser marking machine and equipment are abundant( 2) Optical fiber line laser marking machine with its service life, energy consumption, the actual effect of production and processing, can achieve unique use and other advantages, replace the traditional logo processing technology, the industry application is expanding rapidly( 3) Compared with semiconductor material laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine and green light / ultraviolet laser marking machine, optical fiber line laser marking machine has the advantages of wider main use, convenient operation and high precision. It has gradually swallowed up the market share of solid-state and CO2 laser generators( 4) Technical development has reduced the sales market of fiber line laser marking machine to the threshold, and many companies rush into the field to increase market competition, so as to accelerate the promotion of price fluctuation, technology optimization, commodity upgrading, and improve the application share of the sales market. At the same time, new products and new applications have also been further explored.
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In the first half of 2019, the sales market of fiber line laser marking machine will decline for the first time

OFweek Industry Research Institute is constantly concerned about the sales market of laser marking. It has carried out a multi-directional investigation on more than 30 companies of optical fiber line laser marking machine in the field, and statistically analyzed the development trend of optical fiber line laser marking machine in China in the first half of the year. According to the data of OFweek Industry Research Institute, due to the aggravation of market demand, the sluggish requirements of 3C electronic device consumption, vehicles and other fields, and the related hazards of trade war, the sales volume of laser engraving machines in China in the first half of 2019 was about 60000, which decreased year-on-year for the first time. The sales volume of popular laser cutting equipment companies such as Tianxiong and Huagong dropped sharply compared with the same period.
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In terms of terminal equipment requirements, with the development trend of 5g communication industry and the rapid implementation of "national six" of vehicles, the requirements for fiber line laser marking machine may be further released in China's consumer electronics, Internet of things technology, household furniture and automobile industry. The market share of fiber line laser marking machine will be further increased, and the driving force of market demand is still strong. It is estimated that in the third quarter of 2019, the sales market of fiber line laser marking machine may turn around, and the overall sales volume of fiber line laser marking machine sales market may further increase.

In response to the great prospect of the industry and the pressure of market competition, more and more competitors enter the laser marking machine sales market. If the company wants to become the ultimate winner, it must enhance its comprehensive competitiveness, and continue to improve its market competitiveness, after-sales service ability and competitive advantage; Accelerate the change of the company to the machine equipment system integrator of intelligent manufacturing system; Promote the company's laser marking, laser cutting, welding product diversification business process; In line with the development trend that the sales market is sinking to the third and fourth tier cities, we should improve our market development ability and further promote the company to a new stage.