Which brand of small laser engraving machine is good?

Time does not wait for us. Only by continuous innovation can we go further. Adhering to the principle of "service first", the company has been innovating and developing continuously, and has launched a new series of Tiangong Kaiwu products to provide customers with more comprehensive, professional and efficient equipment. In this section, Xiaozheng will launch the first product of Tiangong Kaiwu series, inclusive metal laser engraving machine (model: Mark-I). It is a lightweight machine with comprehensive performance and favorable price.

Mark-I metal laser engraving machine is a portable metal laser engraving machine, different from the traditional laser engraving machine, the machine body design is light, set laser, computer, control system, power supply, optical control system in one, small volume, the whole weight of 10kg; The equipment can be used alone or connected with non-standard flexible line; Safe operation and environmental protection; Affordable, higher performance.
Ceramic tile laser engraving machine

Mainly for innovation and entrepreneurship, project teaching, characteristic innovation laboratory and other customer groups. It is an integrated system free of installation, debugging and easy operation, which is more suitable for students' innovation and entrepreneurship, cultural and creative design, personalized teaching, service robot, UAV, artificial intelligence and other experimental projects. Further performance parameters are listed below:
Glass laser engraving machine

At the "third Shanghai Hebei University engineering technology training and teaching seminar" held on July 5 this year, Zhengtian laser launched this new product for the first time, and received good market response. As the first customer of our Tiangong Kaiwu series products, North China Electric Power University has fully recognized us. I would like to thank you for your trust and support.

There are many small laser engraving machines on the market, you don't have to worry about where you can't buy them. The introduction of original equipment, domestic independent design, everything, then laser engraving machine which brand is good? What are the important features of small laser engraving machine selection? Will the following reasons help your choice?
Acrylic laser engraving machine

First of all, different carving materials are the basis for choosing a small laser engraving machine. It is divided into fiber laser engraving machine and diode laser engraving machine. The former is mainly for metals, while the latter is mainly for non metals. How to deal with the material, the general small size laser engraving machine has three functions, carving, cutting, marking, of course, according to the power of small size laser engraving machine is different. Three laser engraving machines complete these three functions at the same time, which is more suitable for the third. The area of engraving materials is needed. According to the size of the engraving materials, choose an appropriate laser engraving machine, which wastes a lot of materials and a small area of materials. Relatively speaking, the depiction speed will be slower. Fourth, the motivation is different. There are 3 laser engraving machines, 10 laser engraving machines and 20 optical fiber laser engraving machines. Depending on the material you choose, 3W laser engraving machine can carve wood, plastic acrylic (white and transparent need to be blackened), leather, bamboo, etc. Combustible materials, such as stone, can also add colored paper carving ceramics, glass crystal and other materials. The 10W engraving machine is a 3W engraving machine, which can carve materials with coke cans, stainless steel (wire drawing surface and matte), various mobile phone back, anodizing, electrophoretic paint, dark fish and other metal materials. Coke cans are made of stainless steel. It is recommended to use a small laser engraving machine with 10W (dt1) for better effect. If it is a specific metal laser engraving, we will choose metal engraving machine.