Which is better etching or engraving?

Personally think that corrosion to see more grade and for the need for lighting can be used , corrosion is gramural force or stainless steel, , technology is not more advanced carving , carving also depends on what material has the O-code , so this still has to see their own needs ` friend

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2 different concepts If you have thin stainless steel plates, you can only corrode. And things like organic boards, wood panels, etc. can only be carved 2 each has its own use It's better than which one

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Etching changes the shape of the material, but does not change any properties of the material. Laser cutting, on the other hand, produces a fairly wide area of thermal influence at the edge of the component. Stamping also affects the nature of the material. For example, the edge of the cutting edge of a burning device is thinner than that of other knives, and although stamping can be used to process components of different thicknesses, it requires a high tonnation pressure-squeezing metal to form a thinner area. This makes these areas of the metal harder, with a so-called process hardening effect. As a result, components processed in this way produce different characteristics in different thickness areas. In contrast, etching can process components of different thicknesses without affecting the hardness of the material itself.

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Etching can significantly shorten the production process of components by reducing the manufacturing cycle of the tool. When the manufacturer decides to modify the design, it is also available to modify the film in a timely and convenient manner. Manufacturing stamping tools takes 4 to 12 weeks depending on their complexity and is difficult to modify once a traditional mold is made. Whether it's a prototype or a product part, etching simplifies the process of processing complex parts. For example, there are too many mesh re-engineering, and it is not cost-effective to use other processing methods. If there are 10,000 boreholes, how long can it take to etch 10,000 boreholes simultaneously and process them with laser or stamping technology?