Which software is used for laser cutting machine?

Based on CAD, the method of importing CAD drawing into laser cutting software is as follows

1. First of all, use CAD to save it. The important point is that you must save the following image format: "DXF" format: in CAD file - save as - file name (as appropriate) - file type (certain suffix has DXF style)

2. Open with laser cutting software: the above window file -- import -- import DXF file. At this time, find the path just saved, click it, and then open the required graphics (if you saved with laser cutting software at the beginning, open with laser cutting software: File -- import -- import LXD file)
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3. The operation interface of laser cutting is similar to CAD software, but it has few functions. After opening, you can operate according to your own needs

The software of laser cutting machine is also called "nesting software". Many kinds of software at home and abroad can be used as nesting software of laser cutting machine. For example, FastCAM, sigma, nest, lantek, etc
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General nesting software is divided into several parts: drawing module, programming module, nesting module, correction module, NC output module.

The process is to draw the part drawing to be cut with CAD software and save it in the format that can be read and edited by the software used by the laser cutting machine, such as DXF format. Then it is processed on the "nesting software", nesting, and then converted into the NC code corresponding to the laser cutting machine manufacturer, then the program can be put into the laser cutting machine equipment for cutting.

The operation of laser cutting machine is generally divided into two parts: the production of laser cutting machine program (this part is completed on the computer), and the operation of laser cutting machine (i.e. cutting, production)
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Laser cutting machine manufacturers in the sale of equipment, the user's operator will be trained, the general machine operation training can be a week or two. The software part usually takes three or four days.

If you know CAD software, you can do it in two or three days, but you have to learn from laser cutting machine suppliers.