Who makes the best fiber laser?

There are the following: 1 Wuhan Ruike, 2 families, 3 National laser, 4 zhongkesiyuan
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Several fiber laser companies worthy of attention

Wuhan Ruike has the most complete product series, the largest scale and strong holding company. It has three leading technical teams of "national thousand talents plan". At present, there are 10 ~ 100W pulse, 50 ~ 4000W continuous product series.

Shenzhen Chuangxin has been in the fiber industry since 2002, and has rich market experience. Besides pump source and double clad fiber, all devices are self-produced, with complete low-power products (10 ~ 100W). It can produce 10 ~ 100W acousto-optic Q-switched and LD Seed + MOPA pulsed fiber lasers, and is extending to medium and high power.
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Suzhou huabida - 12 overseas returnees with strong technical strength and comprehensive mastery, from chip, packaging, optical forming, pump source fiber coupling to active fiber, vertical production imitating IPG, is expected to control the cost. At the same time, we have high-power semiconductor laser products.

4. Guoshen optoelectronic technology, a high-tech enterprise founded by Dr. Liu Mei. He works closely with Shanghai Institute of Optics and mechanics, and is good at picosecond and femtosecond lasers, as well as fiber acoustooptic modulators. The company has a number of patented technology, a number of core technology in the international leading level.

Newtown optoelectronics - mainly semiconductor laser products, began to develop into fiber laser. Master high brightness laser technology. Now we provide 50 ~ 500W single mode fiber laser. Kilowatt fiber laser will be launched recently.
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6. Technology and R & D support of China kememan - Xi'an Institute of Optics and machinery, independent production of system equipment

There are many laser manufacturers in China, large and small. But now the big factories have their own laser production lines, and the quality of the work is also good. The special low-power laser has constant light, Yusheng, etc., but now it also does other things across the border. Now the major factories have started to extend down and do it themselves. Professional only ultra-high value-added direction, but due to the limitations of to, the prospects are not very bright, have turned.