Why do wires and cables prefer UV Laser marking machine

In daily life, the packaging of common products includes printed production date, product life, place of production, ingredients contained in food, storage conditions and other information. In the past, most of the information was used in inkjet printer, which was easy to be changed and erased, and could not play a good role in anti-counterfeiting. For example, for cable and pipe products, the production technology threshold of such products is low, the quality of products is uneven, counterfeit and shoddy often occur, and it is difficult to control, it is often difficult for consumers to judge whether it is genuine, and its quality is directly related to the electricity safety of thousands of households. In addition, many cable pipes are exposed or buried underground for a long time, and the surface marks are easy to be washed out by rain or touched off by hand, causing trouble for users in later use. Some of the pipes used in food and pharmaceutical industries have higher requirements, and the materials and printing materials are required to be non-toxic, harmless, and not easy to volatilize and fade. Therefore, ink jet marking is often worn off and can not be traced, it is difficult to continue to play a role. At the same time, with the continuous increase of production costs of wire and cable manufacturers, the ink jet printer consumables used for marking become the invisible cost that manufacturers can not compress. The homogenization of wire and cable industry products and excessive competition among enterprises are increasingly prominent. Wire and cable manufacturers are facing the dual pressure from the external and internal environment at the same time. The state attaches great importance to the standardized development of the cable industry. In order to standardize the use of unified standards, the state has issued a number of standards, such as GB / t5310, GB / t8163, GB3087 and so on. Whether it is flexible cable or rigid pipe, it is stipulated that the manufacturer must indicate the origin, specification, manufacturer and product information on the packaging or outer box of the product. At this time, it is urgent to have a kind of processing tool that can permanently mark information and is non-toxic.


The application of laser technology has been widely used in various industries. The excellent performance advantages bring new vitality to modern industrial technology. Laser marking machine, as an advanced marking equipment, has become an irresistible trend in the application of wire and cable. Because of its many advantages, it is replacing the traditional coding equipment. Especially with the emergence of ultraviolet Laser marking machine and other related advanced laser marking equipment, the application advantage of Laser marking machine in the field of wire and cable is more obvious, Become the latest choice of wire and cable manufacturers. Laser marking machine with zero consumables, high stability, maintenance free, beautiful logo and do not fall off the advantages of the wire and cable industry "big show"! For wire and cable users, clear and accurate identification is a way to identify with the brand. It is marked with the corresponding date, batch number, brand, serial number, two-dimensional code and other information, which can effectively resist the counterfeiting, shoddy and collusion of some illegal businesses, and effectively regulate the current wire and cable market, It also plays an important role in improving the quality of wires and cables. At the same time, the whole process of laser marking is controlled by computer software, which is not only flexible, but also accurate, and can effectively reduce the defective rate of wire and cable products.


At present, the laser used in cable inkjet mainly includes: carbon dioxide Laser marking machine, optical fiber Laser marking machine and ultraviolet Laser marking machine. Carbon dioxide Laser marking machine and optical fiber Laser marking machine burn the cable surface to form discoloration, which will damage the cable surface and cause smoke. The principle of UV Laser marking machine is realized by photochemical ablation, that is, the bonding between atoms or molecules is interrupted by laser energy until the material is destroyed by non thermal process, so as to realize the discoloration reaction. This kind of cold working is of special significance in laser marking, because it is not thermal ablation, but cold peeling without "thermal damage" side effect and breaking the chemical bond, so it does not produce heating or thermal deformation on the inner layer and nearby area of the machined surface., Therefore, it can carry out ultra-fine marking and special material marking, and is the preferred product for customers with higher requirements for marking effect. Laser marking is exquisite and will never fade, which perfectly solves the disadvantages of traditional inkjet printing. At present, in the non transparent plastic products, soft film packaging, cable pipe and other industries, UV has a good application due to good absorption and less thermal damage. In the future, more and more cables will use UV Laser marking machine to spray code. Advantages of wire and cable Laser marking machine


The special marking software can provide continuous and real-time marking information without affecting the continuous operation of the whole production process.


After laser marking, the logo is permanent and will not wear and fade. The minimum number of characters to be printed is 0.8mm, which can meet the requirements of micro information printing. It can print various complex graphics or factory standards and standard certification, such as TUV, UL, CE, etc.


It can meet the general identification requirements, stable operation quality and high-definition laser marking, and meet the identification requirements of clear, durable and easy to distinguish for wire and cable products.


It can mark at different angles at any time, 360 degree marking angle, circle, bend, bar, etc., or print factory mark, specification, date and other product information at the bottom, side and top, meeting the requirements of wire and cable industry standards and special applications.


Suitable for high-speed production line marking (7000 mm / s).


The laser directly reacts with the surface of the material, showing the marking effect without consumables.