Why the same configuration of engraving machine, but the price is very different?

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry, engraving machine industry in China has also obtained good development opportunities, effectively promoting the production and application of engraving machine in China. There are thousands of engraving machine manufacturers in China. These manufacturers have different scales and different years of establishment, which also shows the prosperity of the industry. However, the competitive pressure of the industry is still great. As a result, the prices of engraving machines in the market are different. Consumers who face various products in the market will feel unable to start, Some consumers also find that some engraving machines seem to have the same configuration, but the price is very different. Why? Today we want to talk about why the carving machine manufacturers of the same configuration gap so big.


  1. System gap

Many powerful large manufacturers usually develop their own engraving machine systems. These systems are usually friendly to their own production equipment, and their performance is also very good. If there is a problem, you can find maintenance personnel in time. Some small manufacturers use mainstream common systems on the market, or they will use pirated systems, which may reduce the performance, Some models seem to have similar configurations, but the prices vary widely.

  1. Accessories gap

Engraving machines have many accessories. When some small factories make product configuration lists, they will identify imported and large brand accessories, but they will not identify the specific model and brand of the accessories used. By exaggerating the functions and performance in publicity and sales, the low-end configuration is covered up, and the sales price is reduced to attract laymen to buy.

  1. Processing gap

Many consumers buy engraving machines through the Internet. Many manufacturers will make their websites beautiful and package their products. But in fact, there is no big processing place, and the processing equipment used is relatively backward, and there are no specialized technical workers. How can the quality of products produced in this way be high?

It is suggested that consumers should carefully check the equipment configuration list when purchasing engraving machine, and check the manufacturer's site if possible.


Remind everyone, in daily production and processing use, we should often maintain the engraving machine, pay attention to moisture-proof. After use, keep the machine itself clean and dry, often replace the lubrication, so as to ensure the normal operation of the engraving machine is not wrong! The above is Xiaobian for you to introduce why the carving machine configuration is the same, but the price is very different, hope to help you. If you still have other aspects to understand, you can consult us, we will have special people to answer for you!