Woodworking relief CNC engraving machine software operation tutorial

When we use woodworking relief CNC engraving machine for cutting or hollow relief carving, sometimes the movement of processing objects will lead to material damage or processing errors; Sometimes it is necessary to define the order and starting point of tool path according to the actual situation; Sometimes we need to adjust the direction of the path according to the texture of the processing material. Now there is no need to worry about these problems.


Our supporting woodworking relief CNC engraving machine software has a lot of tool path editing functions, which can set the starting point, add, delete, move a point of the tool path, delete the whole path unit or a section of curve in the unit, and carry out path reversal, rib setting, arc fitting and other important functions.


For customers to solve some common problems in the processing process. After the path is edited, the processing simulation can be carried out in the software to directly observe the processing effect, and the rationality of the processing scheme can be observed in advance, so as to reduce the trial cutting process, processing risk and processing cost. ArtCAM is one of the most commonly used software for path editing of woodworking relief CNC carving machine. ArtCAM is a general programming software for woodworking relief CNC carving machine, not only because it has strong function, but also can input some general relief models. So how can we use ArtCAM as the path of relief carving?


ArtCAM, a CNC carving machine for woodworking, can provide a series of three-dimensional machining options, which can produce the whole relief tool path and a special area of the tool path. A series of tool types are available and the tool size can be controlled comprehensively. ArtCAM can generate multiple tool paths, so that various processing strategies can be combined in the process. Multiple rough machining can be carried out before finishing to cut off the surplus materials before finishing. ArtCAM can produce a separate tool path file for each tool or combine a series of tool path files in a large file, depending on whether your woodworking relief CNC engraving machine has tool change function. ArtCAM, a CNC carving machine for woodworking, can produce tool path files for relief processing. This file contains a series of instructions that specify the tool path to follow during the relief process for a specific CNC machine tool. The following manufacturers of the pay letter carving machine introduce the following methods for carving relief by ArtCAM, the software of the engraving machine of the lower woodworking relief CNC carving machine


  1. first, take the new file icon from the file toolbar to generate a new file.


  1. enter the height 100mm, width 100mm and resolution 1002x1002 points in the new model dimension dialog window.


  1. select File - enter... - 3D model option from menu options.


  1. select the 3D model file from the directory, and the model file will appear in the 3D view after opening. The paste 3D model dialog window will appear on the screen.


  1. edit 3D model: specify the position or center of model datum x, y, Z. Rotate around any spindle. Mirror around the X, y, or Z axis. Scale model - scale by scale or extend along an axis.


  1. click Paste after editing, and the model will be displayed. In this way, we can choose the tool to program, and finally the path file is saved as the format file specified by the relief carver. Then, it can be imported into the CNC engraving machine for carving.


With the popularity of CNC woodworking relief CNC carving machine in various industries and fields, more and more users, and more and more application software related to it. At present, ArtCAM software is a relief design software with high utilization rate. It can input some common relief model formats, which have very strong functions. It can input CAD format, pro/e format, 3dmax format and other relief models to edit in the software. ArtCAM software of woodworking relief CNC carving machine can not only process relief, but also can do contour carving and area carving, which has very strong function.


This is just a little introduction of Wuxi Feixin carving machine equipment to woodworking relief CNC carving machine. This can be a little understanding to your confused friends. If you want to know more about carving machine knowledge and pay more attention to us, we will write more articles on this aspect to relieve all problems of carving machine.