Working principle and application of laser code printer

In our impression, laser is a very high-end thing, such as laser gun. But with the development of science and technology, laser has also reached an incredible level. It has been widely used in the beauty industry and manufacturing industry, such as laser freckle removal and laser eye power, as well as the laser coding machine we are going to talk about today, Laser marking machine is a kind of machine used in the production process, so now let's understand the application of Laser marking machine together with Xiaobian.


Laser marking machine is also called laser inkjet printer or laser marking equipment.


First of all, let's take a look at the classification of laser coding machine. First of all, it can be divided into two types, namely, engraving type and dot matrix type.


Now most of the laser coding equipment in our market is scribed, and there is a new type of lattice technology, that is lattice resident technology. The marking laser machine first carves out the track of the characters to be marked, but the dot matrix laser machine carves out the more important track points of the things to be marked.


Therefore, under the condition of the same energy, the laser speed of the new technology dot matrix resident technology is faster. Another form of laser marking, after marking, is a mark that can not be erased and is permanent. The principle of this method is to use the laser on the surface of the object and then instantly vaporize it, which can be distinguished by the naked eye without any auxiliary tools, which is very convenient for recognition. It has no consumables and is easy to maintain.


The breakthrough of Laser marking machine lies in the fact that the standardization and singleness of traditional ink jet printing technology have been subverted, so a new method of marking has been created.

Acrylic laser engraving machine

Working principle of laser code printer


The working principle of Laser marking machine is to use laser to gather very high energy on the object to be marked, and vaporize the material on the surface by burning or etching. The operator can control the laser to mark, and then burn out patterns, words and other signs.

Micro laser engraving machine

Application of laser coding

The application of laser coding can be in the text, graphics, images these commonly used things, or trademark design these commercial forms. Laser marking can be used on the back cover of mobile phone shell, such as our mobile phone, where the brand logo can be seen. This can increase the competitiveness of products in the market, and it is awesome. Or we can also use laser code on some gifts. For example, if we want to give a pen to a friend on his birthday, we can use laser code to type his name or what we want to say to him. Laser coding is widely used in every part of our life.