Wuhan marking machine manufacturers buy Ruifeng constant UV laser to peel paint on thermos

Paint stripping technology is able to print the required pictures and text on the surface of various materials, providing more graphic tips for products, and also making products more exquisite, more unique and high-end style. However, the use of traditional technology assisted stripping process has been unable to meet the current production needs, better technology is in the process of brewing.


Marking machine manufacturers from Wuhan have eliminated a number of traditional paint stripping machines and replaced the UV laser marking technology with Ruifeng constant high power UV laser expert III 355 as the core, which has injected new vitality into the thermos paint stripping production line.

Expert III 355 series UV diode pumped pulsed solid-state laser adopts unique laser cavity design, acousto-optic Q-switching technology and high-precision cooling system, with small volume and high integration. It has shorter pulse width (< 20ns@40k )Excellent beam quality (M ²< 2) and perfect spot characteristics (spot ovality > 90%). Widely used in PE / PCB / FPC cutting, glass, sapphire cutting and high precision micro processing of drilling, marking, cutting and other fields.

Ruifeng constant high power UV laser has high beam quality, which makes it incomparable in performance and precision; Long life, 24-hour operation time, no need for special care, so that efficiency and cost are greatly reduced; No consumables, dust-free production, environmental protection and green, fully in line with the environmental protection standards of the factory.

In addition, Ruifeng constant high frequency UV laser uses the principle of laser marking on the surface, so it is difficult to erase the logo marked on the surface of thermos, and the anti-counterfeiting effect is greatly improved.

Seiko 15 years of ruifengheng in the procurement, production, assembly, quality inspection, testing and other aspects of the upper level control, in the after-sales service excellence, in such efforts, ruifengheng won Wuhan customers' strong trust, by the majority of customers completely favor is not unreasonable.