Xiangsheng hand held Laser marking machine

Nowadays, commodities carry their own basic information, such as bar code, production date, ingredient list, etc. With the arrival of the era of "one thing, one code", the product is no longer the "rootless source". People can read all the information they need to know with a few square centimeters of content.


It's been a long time. Can laser marking be done at will?


Laser marking of products is particularly important. A clear and permanent logo is not only a symbol of the "identity" of products, but also a "reassuring pill" for consumers, and also affects the brand trust of enterprises. Although laser marking can give clear and permanent marks, and the production efficiency will be greatly improved, the ordinary marking machine suitable for large-scale and rapid marking production line is a bit "inadequate" when dealing with some large parts or articles.


In order to achieve rapid positioning and marking of large objects and improve production efficiency, laser marking must be intelligent and portable


  1. High requirements for positioning and accuracy of target products


There are many enterprises that produce large-scale machinery. Unlike the ordinary beverage or food packaging industry, their products can achieve large-scale marking production, because heavy machinery often carries huge or heavy parts. Due to the limitation of space and time, ordinary marking machines can not meet the needs of this kind of laser marking production, and even extend the production process, Finally, it leads to the decline of production efficiency.


  1. The effect of product identification


For some products that work outdoors and are exposed to the wind and rain, the clarity of their identification and the degree of effect maintenance are particularly important. If the use of portable ink jet printing, you need to ink adhesion, to deal with the harsh environment of the maximum tolerance has a very high requirement. In addition, for most large parts with smooth surface and high density, marking is particularly difficult.


  1. Items are difficult to move


If we are faced with the high requirements of large objects, such as ultra-fine field, designated location, etc., the movement problem will waste a lot of manpower and material resources, seriously affect the production efficiency, which can find a solution in the laser marking body.


  1. Small scale production can not make up for the expected economic benefits


If we spend more investment to buy the ordinary marking machine which is only suitable for assembly line production because of individual large parts, or sacrifice the production efficiency, it may lead to the decline of economic benefit or the extension of investment recovery cycle. Therefore, a portable Laser marking machine with high cost performance and suitable for large and small items is urgently needed to deal with these problems.


Take the first step and redefine the convenience


Guangzhou Xiangsheng laser Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xiangsheng laser) is a manufacturer of laser code marking equipment, adhering to the tenet of "thinking about customers", and has launched a new machine - Xiangsheng LD series handheld Laser marking machine. We have obtained many invention patents, marking for various scale production and large objects, which is small but full of advantages:


  1. precise positioning → the combination of dual-dimensional maglev scanning galvanometer and intelligent red light positioning system, combined with portable mobile laser marking head, can be located intelligently or manually.


  1. easy to move → the net weight of the fuselage is only 12kg, and the positioning can be adjusted anytime and anywhere to overcome the problems such as narrow space and low marking efficiency.


  1. stable performance → built in independent R & D software, stable and smooth operation, and engineering grade plastic package is used outside to reduce weight and protect the fuselage


  1. personalized customization → it can increase or reduce corresponding functions according to the actual needs of users to meet the production needs of customers


  1. clear and permanent effect → high quality laser marking head, uniform etching of the surface material of the article, which is clear and permanent, and overcomes the problem of different marking effect


  1. fast marking speed → printing speed can reach 650 characters / S (depending on product material, print content or user's actual demand). Corresponding parameters or power can be adjusted for different materials to avoid problems such as marking failure or damage to the integrity of the object itself.


  1. humanized operation → intelligent touch screen control system, which designs interface according to the common usage of Chinese people, is easy to operate, supports Chinese, English, Korean, Arabic letters and other languages, supports USB and online transmission, and supports many common file types such as JPG, JPEG, PNG.


  1. widely used materials → it is suitable for most metal materials and hard plastics, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, iron, copper, zinc, PVC, etc.


  1. application industry → widely used in electronic components, hardware tools products, electrical products, daily consumer goods, sensors, auto parts, 3C electronics, crafts, precision instruments, gift accessories, medical devices, high and low voltage electrical appliances, sanitary ware industry, battery industry, it industry and other fields.


The performance and practicability of the equipment not only take the leading position in domestic manufacturers, but also its core patent technology even exceeds some imported inkjet equipment, and truly achieves the industry leading position. Product coding is a crucial link to make it a commodity, which is related to whether the economic benefits can be expanded in scale and the establishment of brand trust.


Xiangsheng laser hopes to inject new vitality into the portable laser marking construction in all walks of life. This is a crucial and new step for Xiangsheng to the field of portable laser marking!