Yuchen hardware tools released new selection for DIY operation of small laser engraving machine

Recently, the "2019 new product launch" with the theme of "boundless creativity and unlimited design" held by Yushen hardware tools opened in Songshanhu Industrial Park, Guangdong Province. More than 120 hardware tool dealers and brand leaders from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhaoqing and other places participated in the conference. Mr. Jiang Shuo, founder of Yushen hardware tools, attended the conference, And made a speech for the new product launch.


In his speech, President Jiang said: "all along, Yushen hardware tools has taken" creating a cost-effective consumer engraving machine and achieving a small engraving machine head brand "as its development goal. It has invested a lot of effort in research and development. Its strong performance and excellent product quality have won consumers' praise for Yushen hardware tools, The new generation of small laser engraving machine released this time has gathered the new achievements of team research and development. "


According to Xiao Yang, the R & D director of Yushen hardware tools, this small laser engraving machine for Yushen hardware tools has improved its engraving accuracy and controllability compared with the previous generation of laser engraving machine, and the matching engraving software is the highlight of this engraving machine, which is also an important support for the slogan of this theme.

According to him, the engraving software of the new small laser engraving machine has positioning function, which can timely monitor the movement track of the laser head, and can refocus after quickly moving the engraving position, ensuring the clarity and integrity of the engraving effect. At the same time, the engraving effect can be set in the software, including multiple effects such as flipping, rotating and reverse engraving. The engraving machine can complete the engraving operation on the object according to the set effect, so that the user can save the waiting time and further improve the applicability.

In addition to the software innovation, the hardware of the small laser engraving machine has been upgraded by the R & D team. In the comparison of the displayed parameters, the bidirectional 8cm independent innovation rail design replaces the recovery optical drive rail; The design of self-contained protective lens and smoking fan can expand the use scene; The external control button further increases the controllability of the machine; The high-power laser can support the machine to work continuously for 2 hours, which is more eye-catching on the basic performance.


Later, President Jiang personally demonstrated the actual effect of the small laser engraving machine. He carved a "Mei" character on a piece of wood, and carved a bunch of plum next to the character. The whole carving process only took more than three minutes. The handwriting on the carved wood was uniform, and the posture of the plum was proud on it. Even the twigs of the plum were clearly visible, A good copy of the original design.


According to people familiar with the matter, the previous products of Yushen hardware tools belong to small carving machines with strong performance on the market. They have cooperated with famous brands such as Tan carpenter, Chenguang, tongtuo, universal e-buy and Banggu, and have accumulated professional ability for a long time. With this new model, Yushen hardware tools will further consolidate its advantages in the product end, making it a big step away from the goal of "head brand".